Facebook Dating Service Free 2021: Facebook Dating Profile | Dating in Facebook

The Facebook Dating Service Free 2021 is an easy-to-use feature found in both the Facebook official app and website. This feature can easily be recognized as it is represented with a heart icon colored purple and red. If you can find this feature, accessing it is free. It is the official dating feature of the social media.

Facebook Dating Service Free 2021

Facebook Dating Service Free 2021

Since the first launch of Facebook dating, it has been released in some other countries. Currently, Facebook dating is available in over twenty different countries. The Facebook team is working tirelessly to make sure it reaches all countries and all they require from us is patience. I am very sure that in a few months, Facebook dating would be released in your country if it hasn’t been released already.

Is Facebook Dating Available in My Area

One of the things actually straightforward on the social media is the dating feature. However, there is a catch. The feature has not yet been released to all parts of the world.  There is a way to check if the dating feature is available in your area. If it is, you should see a dating notice at the top of your homepage or newsfeed.

Facebook Dating Profile

Getting a Facebook dating profile is very easy and can be done by anyone above the age of eighteen. Note that the dating profile would be totally separate from your regular Facebook profile. Your dating profile would only be visible on the dating platform of Facebook.

Facebook as a social media and Facebook as a dating website might be hosted under the same domain but are separated from each other. The data on one doesn’t affect the other. You should also know that both profiles are managed separately.

Dating in Facebook

All you have to do to get started is open the Facebook app, log in to your account, and tap on the hamburger menu icon. Select the dating option from the list of options and hit the “Get Started” button. It’s as simple as that. That is how you get started with dating on the platform.


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