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Facebook dating safety guidelines, what are they? Facebook dating just as most online dating platforms and apps are great mediums to make new friends and ultimately find a long-lasting relationship. And just like many online dating platforms, they can also be a breeding ground for inappropriate behaviors and the rest of it.

Facebook Dating Safety Guidelines

Facebook Dating Safety Guidelines

Facebook dating has identified some of the dangers that users may face on the platform and with that in mind, they have put some safety guidelines and regulations in place. And when you follow these guides and regulations, you should be safe.

It is very important that you act with caution when communicating with a stranger on the platform that wants to meet with you. You should also remember that your dating profile is visible to anyone on the dating platform.

Some of the dating safety guidelines include;

Meeting Online

You should share pieces of information carefully. Always keep your identifying information private. In your dating profile or when you are chatting, it is very important that you do not include your email address, surname, home address, work address, phone number, financial information, or any other identifying piece of information.

You should always report and block anyone on the platform that asks you to share any of the types of information shared in the latter paragraph as that type of information could compromise your safety, privacy, and security. You should also block and report anyone on the platform you are suspicious of.

Watch out for scams too. There are scammers anywhere and they may try to use compromised or fake accounts into tricking you into giving them money or your personal information. If you, therefore, have received a message on the platform that you believe is a scam, immediately report the person to Facebook instead of replying.

Scammers may ask you for money to cover their medical, travel, hotel bills and so many more. You should note that any online love that requests money is most likely to be a scammer.

You also should not send money. Never respond to requests to send money, make a type of donation, or wire a transfer. If this happens, you will need to stop communicating immediately. You should also contact your bank and local law enforcement immediately if you think that may have sent money to a scammer and also report anyone that asks you to send money.

Meeting in Person

When it comes to meeting with someone you met on Facebook dating in person, you should take your time. It is often for people to misrepresent themselves and their intentions in their dating profile on Facebook and this is including their gender or sexual orientation. This could however lead to harassment or even harm.

You should keep your communications within Facebook, do research and get to know the other person before you decide to meet them for the first time. Some tips for staying safe include;

  • Share your location with a trusted friend or family member
  • Meet and stay in public places
  • Familiarize yourself with the meeting spot
  • Monitor any form of alcohol or substance consumption
  • Always endure that your mobile device is charged
  • Arrange for your own transportation
  • Share personal information carefully.

If you ever feel uncomfortable or pressured, you can choose to;

  • End the date and arrange for your own transportation back home
  • Immediately block anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Make sure to report anyone that you think is suspicious

That’s it!


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