Setup My Facebook Dating Profile – Facebook Dating | Dating in Facebook 2021

We will be discussing today “Setup My Facebook Dating Profile”. Facebook Dating is an ongoing dating feature on the Facebook mobile application. It has been made available to few countries, and it will be accessed by other countries soon. The Facebook dating platform connects users to get into a relationship. In this article, I will be briefing you on the FB dating profile.

Setup My Facebook Dating Profile

Setup My Facebook Dating Profile

The Facebook dating profile as explained earlier is a platform only for Facebook users to get into meaningful relationships. Only users of age 18 and above can access this feature. It was released to few countries, and of recent the Indians.

Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is a feature on the Facebook mobile application (iOS and Android mobile devices). This feature allows Facebook users to get matched and connected to get along with each other. The dating platform brings users to come into a meaningful relationship.

You just have to like and skip the user’s profile, and the platform will automatically match you. Users get matched based on their common interests. The secret crush in the Facebook dating platform helps users get their Facebook friends to be matched to them.

Facebook Dating Profile

The FB dating profile is a different profile from the Facebook account. You will have to create a separate FB dating profile to get access to its feature. Creating an FB dating profile is easy. And only Facebook account owners can get access to create an FB dating profile.

Dating in Facebook 2021

After creating the Facebook account for new users, the below steps will guide you to creating an FB dating profile.

  • Launch the newly updated version of the Facebook mobile app. (You can get this from your mobile app store).
  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Tap on the Menu icon.
  • Select the “See More” option.
  • Tap on Dating.
  • Fill in the required information and proceed to the next process.
  • Get the security check process passed by performing an orderly arrangement of images. You can also get to answer some Facebook dating questions.
  • Upload a picture of you for better identification.
  • Set your match preference and continue.

Then you are ready to be matched to other single Facebook dating users. You just have to tap on the love icon to notify interest in a user, otherwise tap on the cancel icon to skip. The Facebook dating platform will automatically match you with other users based on your common interests.

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