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The Facebook Dating Online Service is no longer news as FB did not just launch it’s app, most people are already acquainted with the Facebook Dating Online Service while others are not aware of this great dating platform. This Facebook Dating Online Service is one of the features of FB and it is available to all its users.

Facebook Dating Online Service

Facebook Dating Online Service

It is true that most people are already engaging this dating platform, but what is also true is that most people are unaware of this Facebook Dating Online Service. This set of people are not on FB while others are on FB already. Well not to worry, this article is going to enlighten everyone about the Facebook Dating Online Service.

Anyone who is interested in changing his or her relationship status, or finding a perfect match can hang on to this dating platform. Intending users will definitely have a great time using this app, also they are going to find what they are looking for because they will not just be having fun but also fulfilling the purpose of engaging the dating platform.

Facebook Dating Service

The FB dating service is an online service that provides singles the opportunity to find a perfect match from the comfort of their home. This dating service helps singles to find meaningful relationships through the things that they have in common, similar interests, and also groups.

Facebook offers dating services to as many who are interested in engaging its dating platform. Facebook users can engage this dating service to find their match, also others who are not on FB can engage this platform too. They will just have to go through a stress-free process.

One advantage of using the FB dating app to find a perfect match is that it is free. It does not charge any premium fee as other dating app does. So FB users are free to engage this platform, match up with other users, find the right for them without paying any fee.

How Facebook Dating Works

Below is a summary of how the dating feature works.

First, you create your dating profile.

Facebook Dating works in a great way. To engage or use the dating app, you will first need to create your dating profile. To do this, you will need to first update your FB app on either your iOS device or Android device so as to ensure you are using the latest version of the app.

FB dating will then appear in a new tab that is located in the main menu of your FB app. You are to opt into FB dating and then create your own dating profile separate from your main profile. There will be a section for you to fill in your personal details, i.e your height, religion, job title, degrees and education, and if you have a child or children, etc.

FB is also likely to suggest photos and information from your FB profile. You can remove them when creating your dating profile.

Then you find a match

When creating your dating profile, FB will ask you for your gender and the gender or genders of the people that you would like to be matched with on its app. You will see gender options like trans woman, trans man, non-binary person, etc, then you can select the one that interests you. It could be everyone, women, men, it depends on your taste. But one thing you need to be aware of is that FB will not share any of your information with potential matches.

Next is to contact a match

If you are interested in someone, or you find someone who you think you like, what you need to do is to comment directly on their FB dating profile or you can as well tap on the like button to let them know. But if you are not interested, you can just pass. Also, your information will not be shared with your potential matches or friends on FB.

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