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Do you know what a Facebook dating match is? Stick around to find out what Facebook dating match is all about. Dating gas now been officially introduced to the platform although it’s not a new thing.

Facebook Dating Match

Dating on Facebook has been around since its inception. Want to know the reason for this? Well, this is because the Facebook platform is mainly for connection. You can easily connect with friends and family on this platform. You can also make and connect with friends all over the world with Facebook. So I think you now understand what I meant as to dating not being a new thing on Facebook.

Facebook Dating Match

Normally Facebook has left the dating feature to other platforms such as tinder, match, and others. But Facebook is now integrating a dating feature into its platform. With this feature on Facebook, it is now easier to find love through things you like.

And this can be achieved through things you have in common with other people on the platform such as interests, events, and groups. You don’t have to actually match with a potential date before you can start communicating. All you have to do is to tap on the like button of a person’s profile or you can comment directly on their profile.

How Facebook Dating Match Works

Facebook dating match doesn’t work like dating matching on other platforms. Facebook dating allows you to match with friends of friends. This means that you cannot match with friends on your circle or on your Facebook friends list. But if you choose to match with your friends on the platform you can make use of the secret crush feature.

Facebook Dating Secret Crush Feature

Secret crush is one of the key features of this platform. With this feature, you can easily match with people you already know or people you are friends with on Facebook or Instagram.

If you want to use the secret crush feature, you will be allowed to add up to nine friends from Facebook or Instagram. To add followers from Instagram you will need to connect your Instagram account to Facebook dating.

A person added to your crush list will be notified if he or she is using Facebook dating. If you are added by your crush to his or her list it’s a match! If your crush isn’t on dating, has a secret crush list, or adds you to his or her crush list, they won’t know that you have added them to your list.


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