Facebook Dating Is Free For Us: Dating In Facebook is Free | Facebook Dating App

Facebook dating is free for us. did you know that? From chatting online connecting people all over the world, people are getting hooked up, engaged, and finally getting married without expectation.

That may sound funny but it’s real. The Facebook dating feature being rolled out 2 years ago has to be a blessing to so many people. Amazingly the Facebook dating is free for us – yes, I included.

Facebook Dating Is Free For Us

Facebook Dating Is Free For Us

Facebook dating is more than just a feature although it’s attached to the main Facebook app which means you need a Facebook account to gain access. Still, it works more like a separated platform but inside the main platform; your accounts, page, and all that is so different. Your friends don’t even get to know that you are on that platform. Besides, you need to be 18 years or older. So sorry, if  I had quickly pulled the trigger, actually no teens are authorized to be on the platform.

Facebook Dating Is Free For Us App

Many still think Facebook dating has an app. It’s only attached to the main app to which you can gain access. So if you don’t have a Facebook app on your phone device, go over to your phone app store and get it downloaded and installed. What seems to baffle me, it’s the free benefit – every feature, sign up, just name it – it’s all free.

To distinguish it from the main Facebook platform, a heart icon was designed for the Facebook dating platform colored red and a fine touch of purple – so romantic. So is its profile which also made it different from the main Facebook account profile yet it is set within the Facebook app. Every activity done on the platform remains in the platform; that is your conversations, groups, likes, and so on.

How to Access Facebook Dating

First of all, to access this Facebook dating platform, you need to get the Facebook app downloaded and installed on your phone. So, if your Facebook dating is not showing up then probably, you need to get the app updated or you could set it to automatic update so as not to face such problems. So, take this step to start a Facebook dating profile account:

  • Launch the Facebook app
  • Input ‘dating’ on the search box
  • Click the Facebook dating app
  • Create a dating profile

Having created a Facebook dating profile, you can begin to join groups related to your preference and get closer with people through the events near you. Although, it’s not made available in all countries, in case you are trying to create one and it didn’t work. You can still keep on using the Facebook group feature on the main platform. Facebook is still trying to reach out to all countries as they are still moving in on 14 new countries.

In creating of Facebook dating profile account, more options are being laid out to fill in compared to the setting of the main account profile. This is done so as users can easily be distinguished and get easily matched with a potential lover. Moreover, 9 photos are being used and three emoji’s that best describe you before a potential match is selected.


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