Facebook Books Advertising – Stunning Facebook Ads Ideas Your Book Readers Will Love

Facebook book advertising is one of the best ways to sell your books. Facebook is a free website, and yet it makes billions of dollars. How is that possible? In a word: Ads. Facebook wants you to pay to get your audience to see the words you write on your page.

Facebook Books Advertising

I’ll cover the pros and cons of advertising below, but if you are leaning against not, there are definitely ways to make sure you are connecting with your audience. The best way to connect with your audience without paying is through Facebook Groups. Not to worry.

There are hundreds of resources available to help you, from blog posts on social media tactics and how certain ad formats work, to webinars that take you through the process step-by-step. For those who like the feeling of a book in hand, digital marketers are in print, too!

Facebook Books Advertising

Facebook book advertising is gradually been adopted by so many authors in other to promote their sale and books. Take note that although Facebook reaches over one billion people, that’s not your audience. You aren’t trying to capture one billion potential new readers.

you aren’t even trying to get 1% of that! Think much, much smaller. Never post anything randomly. Before posting anything, ask yourself: who is my audience, and does this post reaches them? Your initial audience should be people who already know you, so make sure you promote your Facebook page in all of your books, emails, and websites.

Stunning Facebook Ads Ideas Your Book Readers Will Love

Below are some amazing ideas on how to place your advert on Facebook to captivate your audience attention;

First and foremost highlight your amazing book cover

Design Hill states that “Book cover is the first impression that a book creates on its potential readers. A book cover design is one of the most critical aspects of marketing a book. If the cover is unprofessional, you’re guaranteed to lose sales.”

Host a book (series) giveaway

As a reader myself, I can tell you that there’s nothing more exciting than having your favorite author’s book series all at once. Host a book giveaway or a fan favorite book series. Instead of waiting to buy the next book, your readers can go on a reading binge.

Offer a free book or chapter

This marketing technique may be old, but it’s proven to work every single time. You take a small bite or sip, and the next thing you know, you’re buying the same thing you sampled a minute ago.

Share your Readers review

No amount of ad copy can convince a customer to purchase your book quicker than customer reviews. If you think about customers, trust what strangers have to say about your product than anyone else.

Create a video advertising the book

In 2020, about 72% of customers prefer to learn about a product or service through videos, and Cisco predicted that the video would even make up 82% of all internet traffic in 2021. So it’s safe to say that adding a video to your book’s Facebook ad is a plus to increase clicks, views, and sales.

Offer a checklist or workbook

For non-fiction authors who might have a book in niches like self-help, motivation, business, etc., it might be a good idea to attract readers with a free checklist or workbook.

Offer exclusive sign-up to be listed for your next book in the series

Don’t wait until you’ve published your next book to build your email list or attract potential readers. Create a Facebook ad promoting your new book and request and offer exclusive access to the first chapter or the entire book.

Promote your book launched an Event

After spending months, even years writing your book, working with publishers, and fixing edits. It’s time to enjoy one of the best parts of publishing your book. You can share your work with a book launch. Create a Facebook event and use ads to grab a few RSVPs. You can get further details on these steps here.

Hopefully, your eyes are now open to the immense possibilities of Facebook ads for books. You know that Facebook offers a proven way of reaching readers and thus helps you grow every aspect of your publishing career. With that been said you can get more details about advertising books on Facebook here.

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