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It is settled. On Facebook, there is a menu you can use to access the Facebook Avatar feature. Facebook now has its own variation of Bitmoji and Apple Memoji. As you know, these apps allow users to create a 3D character that they can use within and outside the social media platform. If you’ve experienced Emojis, you would definitely want to create your Facebook avatar. This avatar can help you achieve many things. One of the many things the avatar can help you achieve is easily express yourself. Just in case you do not know what an avatar is, an avatar on Facebook is a cartoonish 3D character that represents you. Whenever anyone comes across this avatar on the platform, they can quickly recognize it is you.

Facebook Avatar Menu

Facebook Avatar Menu

The Facebook Avatar Menu is simple, fast and free to access. When you have a registered account with the platform you can begin creating your avatar. The launch of the feature has been driving users on the platform nuts and they want to learn just how to create their avatar.

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Initially, the feature began in 2018 with a launch in a few countries including New Zealand and Australia. When you create your avatar on the platform, what you choose to do with it is your choice.

Facebook Avatar Maker Free 2020

The Facebook Avatar Maker Free feature is a feature that can be accessed for free on the Facebook official app. This app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices. The good news here is that you can use both your android and iOS device to create a Facebook avatar for free. Note that the platform official app is currently the only app you can use to create your avatar.

Facebook Avatar Creator App

Not to be confused even for the slightest bit, the Facebook avatar creator app is the same as the Facebook official app. As explained earlier, there is a feature on the platform official app. This feature will allow users to create their very own avatar for free. Once your avatar has been created, you can make it the profile picture of your account if you love it so much.

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Facebook Avatar Feature

So much work has been put into this feature to make sure that users of the amazing social media platform are satisfied with their avatar. There are different sections you will go through in making your avatar. This is to make sure that your avatar looks just like you. In addition to that, there is a camera button to open your device front facing camera. This is so you see what you look like when creating your avatar and match the resemblance.

Facebook Avatar 2020

Not only in the United States of America can you create your avatar on Facebook. You can create your avatar once the feature has been released in your country. In a few countries, the feature has been launched but the platform promises to launch the feature in other countries. All you need to do if the feature has not been launched in your country is look out for an update for the app.

Make My Facebook Avatar

Here is how to make your Facebook avatar.

  • Open the Facebook official app.
  • Tap on the menu icon after you’ve logged in to your account.
  • Tap on the “See More” option followed by “Avatar”.
  • Hit the “Get Started” button and begin creating your avatar.
  • Once your avatar has been created, tap on the check mark icon at the top of the screen and then on the “Done” button.

Above is how to create your Facebook Avatar.

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