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Still haven’t heard of the Facebook Avatar Maker App? If you are not part of the millions who know about this, then you’re missing out! This social media giant, Facebook, has launched another amazing feature for its users. If you are a Facebook user, you should know Facebook is so good at serving its users with an amazing experience.

Using your lookalike Bitmoji, you get to interact in Facebook chat conversations, comments, and even posts your cartoony version as a regular status update. So, what could this Facebook Avatar maker be all about? Let’s dive in!

Facebook Avatar Maker App

Facebook Avatar Maker App

Currently, there are millions of Facebook users who already make use of the Facebook Avatar App. Perhaps, you are a Facebook user and must have seen some doppelganger flooding your news feed.

However, you just never knew how easy and fun that could be. Perhaps, you had little or no idea about what it is all about.

The Facebook Avatar feature is a feature that gives you the chance to create a cartoony character of yourself. You can customize this avatar with a variety of looks, faces, outfits, and even hairstyles.

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Create My Facebook on Avatar

Creating a Facebook avatar is very simple and fast to do once you have a Facebook account. Since the avatar feature is available for only mobile devices such as iOS and Android, you need to have the official app on your device. Or if you already have the Facebook official app installed on your device, make sure it is up to date. With that said, follow the instructions below to create your avatar;

  • Launch the Facebook official app and log in.
  • On the homepage, tap on the menu icon and select “See MORE”.
  • Tap on “Avatar” to load the home screen of the feature.
  • Select get started.
  • Choose the skin color you would like to use.
  • Select a hairstyle for your avatar.
  • There are different face shapes there, choose one, select beauty marks or lines, and your avatar’s complexion.
  • Choose eye shape and color.
  • Pick an outfit your avatar and add accessories if you want.
  • Use the checkmark icon at the top to view your creation (avatar).
  • Then tap on Next and then Done to commence.

The above is how you can create your avatar on Facebook.

Facebook Avatar

The new avatar feature on Facebook makes it possible for you to create an emoji of you which can be used as stickers. This avatar can be used for making comments, texting, status, and also as profile pictures.

Facebook avatar feature is not yet made available in many locations; however, the team is working on making it global. It is currently available in more than five countries including India, New Zealand, The US, Nigeria, and others.

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