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Facebook recently added or launched the avatar for users to enable better and more interactive conversations. However, to use the feature, you need to create your own personal avatar. That is because you can’t use that of others, you have to create or make your own. And that’s where the Facebook Avatar Main Setup comes. The avatar main setup is simply about the process you go through to set up your avatar on Facebook and start having better conversations with friends and family. Have in mind that creating your own avatar is simple, free, and fast, so you can make your own. (Facebook Avatar Main Setup)

Facebook Avatar Main Setup

Facebook Avatar Main Setup

If you have come across emoji stickers representing a person on Facebook, you know that’s there’ avatar. And with Facebook Avatar Main Setup you can make your own. Making your own avatar with the Facebook avatar feature is very simple. In this article, I will be showing you how to set up your avatar. You need to have a Facebook account and also be using the latest version of the Facebook application. The process is simple and the only way you can start is by logging into your account.

However, the feature is not yet available in most locations or countries instead. So, if you don’t find a Facebook avatar in your account even when your Facebook app is updated, then the feature is not yet available to you. So, let’s move on. (Facebook Avatar Main Setup)

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Facebook Avatar

The Facebook avatar is the feature that was added to the platform that allows users to create an emoji version of themselves. With the introduction of the feature on the platform, lots of users have been actually enjoying the platform better. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean the platform was boring, never, but with the Facebook avatar feature on it now, users can actually have better interactions. It is easy to set up your avatar. So that won’t be much of a problem, however, if you are finding it hard or just don’t how to set up your avatar, you don’t have to worry. Because in this article I will be giving you the steps to go about it. (Facebook Avatar Main Setup)

Facebook Avatar Maker App

The Facebook Avatar is an inbuilt feature on the platform, yes, but there’s a specific app needed to access it. It is simple and easy to create, yes, but what maker app are you going to use. The Facebook avatar can be created using the main app or Facebook Messenger app. Yes, that’s right. However, the app that you want to use has to be updated. Both apps have the same process of creating, so you need not worry about it. Though, I will be using the Facebook main app for my guideline. But as I said, the process is the same. (Facebook Avatar Main Setup)

Create My Facebook Avatar (Facebook Avatar Main Setup)

Now, here’s the part I believe most of you people have been waiting for. How to make your own personalized Facebook avatar that would look like you. You can customize the avatar as you want, it’s yours. Like it says, personal avatar emoji, so it has to look like you. So, to create your avatar, follow the guidelines;

  • Login or create a Facebook account using facebook.com
  • Then tap on the three dots on the homepage and select “See More”.
  • Then select “Avatar”, if it is not shown, then the feature is not available to you.
  • Tap on “Get Started” once the avatar page is loaded.
  • Select the color of your skin and tap next.
  • Choose a hairstyle you’d like to use. Pick a color, face shape, shape of the eye, and the eye color.
  • You can add makeup if you want.
  • Select your avatar’s body type, pick an outfit and accessories if you want.
  • Hit on the “Checkmark” at the top to check your avatar out.
  • Then tap next if you’re pleased with the one you’ve created.
  • Last but not the least, tap on “Done”.

Your avatar is created. Now you can use your Facebook avatar to make comments or even use it as your profile picture. (Facebook Avatar Main Setup)

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