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Facebook Avatar for US is all about the Facebook avatar feature for citizens of the United States of America. As a citizen of the United States, you can now create a Facebook avatar. Since 2018, some Facebook users were able to create avatars (a cartoon-like version of themselves). There were able to create the avatar choosing from a variety of faces, hairstyles and even outfits. What you can do with your avatar is that you can make use of it in the platform comments, messenger chat, stories and even make it the profile picture of your account. What is more interesting is that you can share your avatar in WhatsApp chats.

Facebook Avatar for US

Facebook Avatar for US

Facebook has launched avatars in different countries and still promises to launch in other countries. No doubt, a lot has been put into this feature to make it a success. At this point, one can already say the feature is a success.

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This feature was designed as Facebook’s own variation to Bitmoji and Apple Memoji. What these apps have is common is the ability to create an avatar for free.

Facebook Avatar Feature

The avatar feature is simple, free, fast and secure to access. There is a lot you can do with you after you’ve created it. What the avatar feature does is that it allows you to create a digital persona that uniquely represents you. One can say these avatars work just like the way ID cards work in real life.

Facebook Avatar Emoji

Facebook Avatar gives users the chance or opportunity to express their feelings. All they have to do is create their avatar first. Once your avatar has been created, it will allow you to share a range of emotions and expressions in a personalized manner. This works just like Emojis but in this case, it is better.

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Facebook Avatar App

It is true that you need the avatar app if you wish to create an avatar on the platform. However, where most people get confused is where they think that the avatar app is a different app other than the platform official app. What this means is that there is no such app as a Facebook avatar app that has been designed to create an avatar for you. However, you can create an avatar from the platform’s official app. This is why the platform official app is sometimes called the Facebook Avatar app.

Create Your Facebook Avatar

Below is a guide to successfully create your avatar on the platform.

  • Open the Facebook official app on your iOS or Android device and tap on the Menu icon.
  • Scroll down and select the “See More” option.
  • When you find the “Avatar” feature, tap on it and tap on the “Next” button.
  • Tap on the “Get Started” button and begin creating your after by selecting the desired skin tone.
  • Go through each of the sections to edit your avatar and tap on the check mark icon at the top of the screen once you are done creating your avatar.

Lastly, tap on the “Next” and then the “Done” button to save your new avatar.

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