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Welcome folks, today what I will be sharing with you is the Facebook Avatar App Maker and I believe you have been hearing of this for a while now. Many users have been hearing of this for a while, but does not know what it means and how it works. Now because of this feature many people have joined the Facebook platform, just to make use of it. But unfortunately, they don’t know the steps or guidelines to follow to make it possible. What I have here for you today is to show you how you can access the Facebook avatar maker app and how to create your own on Facebook.

Facebook Avatar App Maker

Facebook Avatar App Maker

Speaking of the Facebook avatar, is a new feature Facebook has released to it users to make the Facebook platform more fun and interesting. The Facebook avatar is a feature whereby one can create a cartoon like of him or herself online, it is a look alike of yourself online. You can create this with lots of features, there are different designs, clothes, color of eyes, body size, hair color, skin color and lots more. The feature embraces all race no matter the color, there is no discrimination in this feature. That is why it is amazing and fun to make use of.

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Facebook Avatar Maker

The Facebook avatar can be used to express oneself online. You can use the Facebook Avatar just the way you use the Facebook reactions icons too. It is used to show expression on posts, and also can be used as a Facebook profile picture. You can also use it as a sticker not only on Facebook but also on other social media platforms. There are lot more to know about this avatar feature on Facebook just keep on reading.

Facebook Avatar Maker Free

The Facebook avatar is a free feature on Facebook and does not require any fee or money for you to make use of it. You just need to be a Facebook user and then have the Facebook app, then you are set to go. If you are not a Facebook user then you cannot make use of the feature. All you have to do is to create a Facebook account then you will be ready to go. One more thing you must have the Facebook app without the Facebook App you cannot access the avatar feature.

Facebook Avatar App

The Facebook avatar app is not yet available in every country, only some countries have access to this feature. But I will tell you how to know if the Facebook avatar is available in your country. You will see “Avatar” as an option when you click the menu icon or button on your Facebook app. After clicking the Facebook menu icon then click “See More” and then you will the avatar option. You can then click on it, and you will be taken to where you can create your own avatar online on Facebook.

Facebook Avatar Creator App

If you want to create a Facebook avatar then you will have to follow all the steps below for guidance or directions:

  • Open your Facebook and tap on the menu button, then scroll down and select “See More”.
  • Select Avatar from the options.
  • And then tap next to get started.
  • Select the skin color you’d like to use.
  • Choose the hairstyle you want.
  • Select the face shape, beauty marks or lines, and the complexion.
  • Choose the eye shape, and color you want for your avatar. Also, select the eyebrow and lashes.
  • Add some accessories such as glasses or fashion shades if you want.
  • Select the nose and mouth type you want.
  • Now, move on to the body shape and the outfit you want, tap on “Next”.
  • Once you through with the customization, tap on “Done”.

That is, it you have created your own avatar on Facebook.

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