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Everyone wants to get an understanding of what the Facebook Audience Network is all about and how it can be useful to users. Well, if you are a businessman or woman then you need this to enable your business to get to the peak. Now this will help you to get more traffic or customers in your business which means a lot to every business owner out there. You might be asking yourself now how does this service or feature works? This is why this article is here today to help guide you on how you can use this service.

Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network

First of what is the Facebook Audience Network? The Facebook Audience Network is a way for advertisers to place their ads off Facebook and also unto a vast library of third-party apps. Now with the Facebook audience network, you can get the same targeting, bidding, and metric analysis tools as with regular Facebook ads. But this time with the added benefit of reaching a bigger audience who are using all kinds of different apps.

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Facebook Adverting Network

Now the biggest perk of including a Facebook audience network in your ad placements is that your ads will reach more people who don’t even have a Facebook account. So, you will attract a whole new crowd of people who are inaccessible to you via regular newsfeed ads.

Well, initially the audience network was created to place ads both on third-party websites and apps, but on March 11, 2020, Facebook announced its audience network will only be for in-app advertising. Now during the past year, the number of app developers and publishers who joined the Audience network increased sevenfold.

Ads to be Placed on Audience Network

Now many users might be asking what types of ads one can place on the audience network? Well here they are:

  • Native ads.
  • Full-screen ads.
  • Banner ads.
  • Rewarded video ads.
  • Playable ads.

Now even though the ads placed in Facebook’s Audience are off of Facebook, you can still expect to use all the familiar campaign objectives. Well, thanks to Facebook’s pixel and event tracking capabilities:

  • Brand awareness.
  • Reach.
  • Traffic.
  • Engagement.
  • App installs.
  • Video views.
  • Conversions.
  • Catalog sale.

Price of Facebook Audience Network Ads

If you want to know the price of this service then I will tell you. The CPM pricing of Facebook audience network placements over the past year was 32% cheaper than Facebook and Instagram newsfeed ads at $7.94 and $11.63 respectively. However, you have seen the difference in price between them getting much smaller since the beginning of 2020.

Now the cost of the Audience Network placements in terms of CPC. Over the past year were 23% cheaper than Facebook and Instagram feed at $0.69 and $0.89 respectively. Now this service placements also had a 5% cheaper cost per app install at $1.59 compared to Facebook and Instagram feeds at $1.68. well, although this seems small, it’s incredible that app companies can get conversions for the same price or cheaper while accessing a whole new audience, what an amazing thing.

When are Facebook Audience Network Ads Effective?

If you want to know how to make the Audience network effective or increase the effectiveness of the audience network then read below:

  • You should advertise top of funnel content likely to get clicks.
  • Also, if you are advertising products, low prices, impulse buys perform best.
  • Ads for apps perform best because you are more likely to target heavy app users.
  • Also, create a block list of publishers that don’t attract your target audience.
  • Monitor impressions statistics to get an idea of how many users are exposed to your ad.

Now for you to identify underperforming app placements, you should open your Ad Manager and click on Brand Safety, an option you can find in the drop-down menu near the left corner of the screen. Next, click on Delivery Reports. Then next you will see a dropdown list of ad types you want to get delivery reports on, including newsfeed ads and Audience Network ads.

Make sure to choose the dates on which you want to see the performance of your ads, and click the download option to see the CVS file.

Now the delivery report shows you an estimate of the number of impressions for each URL, ranked from most to fewest. Well, the reports are updated every 4-5 days.

Also, another factor that can contribute to your success with the platform is the format of your ad. Now the Facebook recommends creating ads that cover as much screen as possible, and they provide templates to help you adjust your image aspect ratio.

How to Create Facebook Audience Network

If you want to create ads for the audience network then there are certain steps you must follow. Here are the steps below:

  • Open the ads manager.
  • Then select “Create ad”.
  • Also, select an objective eligible for Audience Network.
  • Now at the ad set level, add your audience and targeting, and click “Edit placements”.
  • Then select a device type from the following options:
    • All devices (recommended).
    • Mobile.
    • Desktop.
  • Then select the menu on Audience network to view all placement options.
    • Native, banner, and interstitial ads – image and video ads in a native and interstitial format and image ads in a banner format.
    • In-stream videos – videos ads before and during video content.
    • Rewarded videos – videos ads when people are using gaming apps who receive an in-game reward for completing the video.
  • Now add your budget, schedule, and ad creative.
  • Then select “Confirm” in ads manager to finish.

Now your ad will start appearing in audience network placements that are eligible with the creative and objective you choose.

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