Facebook Advertising Blocker: Things you Should Know About Facebook Ads | Turning Off Online Interest-Based Advertising

I guess a lot of people like me don’t like ads so they are in need of a Facebook advertising blocker to help block the ads on their Facebook platform. Despite the shifting demographic makeup of social media platforms, one of the most common questions we’re asked is how to stop ads on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising Blocker

As we mentioned in our post on how to block YouTube ads with AdBlock, YouTube edged out Facebook among millennials asked to name the platform with the most frustrating ads in a 2017 survey. Among baby boomers, however, Facebook was the clear winner.

Surprisingly, since those age 55 and up now make up the majority of people spending the most time on Facebook, and they use Facebook more than any other social media platform. One significant reason Facebook ads are so frustrating is the sheer volume: Ads in users’ News Feed are reaching the point of maximum saturation.

It’s not surprising that people are desperate to know how to block ads on Facebook. Good thing you have AdBlock.

Facebook Advertising Blocker

Fortunately for you, Facebook advertising blocker is available; you just need to learn to make use of them. Just install AdBlock and you’re done. Once you’ve got it installed, AdBlock will remove ads in your News Feed and the sidebar automatically.

While blocking Facebook’s ads takes just a couple of clicks for you, there’s an arms race happening behind the scenes between Facebook and the ad-blocking community. Ad blockers have the upper hand for now.

But with 98% of its revenue coming from advertising last year, Facebook has a vested interest in making sure you see as many ads as possible. Get more details here.

Things you Should Know About Facebook Ads

Below are some of the important facts you should know about Facebook ads;

  • Turning off a campaign, ad set, or ad doesn’t delete it.
  • Turning off a campaign turns off any ad set or ad in that campaign.
  • If you can’t turn on your campaign, ad set, or ad again, try to reset your account spending limit or update your payment information.

Turning Off Online Interest-Based Advertising

You can be able to turn off interest-based advertising; the guidelines to do so are below;

  • Open the Facebook app then click on “Settings” on the upper right-hand corner of your homepage.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select “Account Settings”.
  • Select ‘Ads ‘at the bottom of the list and then tap on “Ad settings”.
  • You will find two sections on the type of ads that you can disable. One section offers ads based on the websites you visit and apps that use Facebook technologies. The second section removes you from Facebook Audience Network that is used to serve you ads even when you are not on the social network.
  • Change the settings for “Ads based on data from partners” and “Ads based on your activity on Facebook Company Products you see elsewhere” to “Not Allowed.”
  • The section marked “Ads that include your social actions” can be changed from being ‘seen by friends only ‘to ‘no one.’ You can get more details on this here.

Blocking annoying ads on Facebook is not as direct as it should be. However, you can find ways around these ads, targeted or not. You can get more information on blocking Facebook ads here.

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