Facebook Ads on Black Friday – Black Friday Facebook Ads | How to Run Facebook Ads

Have you thought of many more sales on Black Friday? Then the Facebook Ads on Black Friday is just what you need. Now people want to make sales on Black Friday 2020, but don’t know where to start. They are looking for a place that will get them users or reach more audiences and you know what that actually means more money. Facebook is one of the best places you can reach a lot of people when it comes to marketing.

Facebook Ads on Black Friday

Facebook Ads on Black Friday

Is it possible for you to market ads about Black Friday on Facebook? Of course, it is, I will show you how to. Well, many want to know this, this is your opportunity, you might be the first to know this information. You should get yourself prepared with the Facebook ads about Black Friday. Everything you will need to know about the Facebook ads will be detailed here and you won’t be lost anymore. Just keep reading and you will understand better.

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Black Friday Ads

Now using the Black Friday ads on Facebook is very essential and helpful. Black Friday is loved by everyone and it would be nice if you let them know about it. Also, you can even run ads on Facebook in different categories, well as you read you will know these categories. Here are the Facebook ads examples:

  • Facebook Photo Ads examples
  • Facebook Video Ads examples
  • Facebook Carousel Ads examples
  • Facebook Slideshow Ads examples
  • Facebook Lead Ads examples
  • Facebook Offer Ads examples
  • Facebook Messenger Ads examples

These are the Facebook ads example.

Facebook Ads Price

Now I believe you will be curious about the Facebook ads, well I will tell you about it. Now you can easily run ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network on any budget. Also, some people even spend more on coffee each day than they do in their advertising campaigns.

Now the exact cost associated with your ad being shown to someone is determined in our ad auction and also how you set a budget that works for you.

Black Friday Facebook Ads

Now I have listed the Facebook ads categories above you can use any of the categories to create Facebook Black Friday Ads. But you must make sure you are a Facebook user then you have no problem.

Also before you can run ads on Facebook there are things to do. You must create a Facebook Ads Manager account.

Facebook Ads Manager

To create a Facebook ads manager account is very easy and simple, just read and follow all the steps below:

Now once set up, the Ads Manager becomes the control center for your Facebook ads.

How to Run Facebook Ads

To create a Facebook ad for Black Friday is very easy too, just read and follow all the steps given below as guidelines:

  • Once you have created the Facebook ad account then login to your ads manager.
  • You are going to see a performance dashboard.
  • Now choose an Objective and there are 11 different objectives to choose from,
    • Brand awareness.
    • Reach.
    • Website traffic.
    • Engagement.
    • App installs.
    • Video views.
    • Lead generation.
    • Messages.
    • Conversions.
    • Catalog sales.
    • Store traffic.
  • Also, choose your audience, this helps your ads to focus on people you know will be interested in your offering. Facebook built-in targeting vast,
    • Location.
    • Age.
    • Gender.
    • Languages.
    • Relationship.
    • Education.
    • Work.
    • Financial.
    • Home.
    • Ethnic Affinity.
    • Generation.
    • Parents.
    • Politics (U.S. only).
    • Life Events.
    • Interests.
    • Behaviors.
    • Connections.
  • Then set your Budget, and Facebook allows you to set either a daily budget or a lifetime budget, you will select one.
  • Now create your ad, by making choices of the Facebook ads examples and then set it in the way it will be suitable for users.
  • Also, monitor your ad’s performance metrics which are; Performance, Engagement, Videos, Website, Apps, Events, Clicks, Settings, account level, campaign level, ad set level, ad level.
  • Finally, report on Facebook ad Performance, you can receive custom reports via email as well, here is how you can set it up:
    • Now navigate to Analyze and Report through the upper main menu.
    • Then choose “Ads Reporting”.
    • Also, select “Create Custom Report”.
    • Now select and open a saved report.
    • Then choose Save As next to the save icon. Give your report a name and check Schedule Email.
    • Finally, follow the prompts to edit and confirm your reporting preferences.

This is how you can create a Facebook ad for Black Friday.

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