Facebook Ads Costs Review: Buy and Pay For Facebook Ads to Boost Your Business

Speaking of “Facebook Ads Costs Review” Facebook is a well know platform that a lot of business and brand owners now use for advertisement, you too can run ads on Facebook, surely, not for free but for a very reasonable amount.

People don’t know what Facebook ads costs; this is why we have made this post to inform everyone on not just the cost of Facebook ads but also on how they run ads on Facebook and make payments for their ads too.

Facebook Ads Costs Review

Now, on the cost of Facebook ads, Facebook allows you to run ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience network based on your budget.

This means that you can run ads on Facebook for as little as $5 but surely don’t expect the same as someone who pays over $100 for ads, your ads will run based on your budget. That’s just how it works.

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Purchasing ads is not difficult at all, the commonest way this is done is through the Facebook ads manager tool. All you have to do to purchase your ads is to create the ads and submit the ads to the Facebook ads auction.

Facebook Ads Costs Review | How Much Does Facebook Ads Costs

Like we mentioned earlier in this post, you can Facebook ads for any amount, it all depends on your budget, we will be discussing this extensively here, but you should know that there are some advanced ads that require a minimum amount.

What this means is that if you don’t have the minimum amount you won’t be able to run the ads. Facebook ads cost is completely controlled by your budget like we have said earlier but this mainly for the overall cost, for the cost per result, this depends on your bid strategy.

If you are not sure what to bid, a bid can be made on your behalf based on your budget and how long you’d like your ads to run. There are other means put in place to make sure you don’t spend more than intended.

The campaign spending limit is one of these means and this one allows you to set a limit (maximum amount) you are willing to spend per campaign.

The account spending limit is the other means put in place. With this one, you can set a limit (maximum amount) you are willing to spend for all your campaigns.

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Facebook Ads Costs Review | How to Pay for Facebook Ads

When creating your first ad, you will be required to enter a payment method, it is with this method you will pay for your ads, this can be edited later.

You can pay with your debit or credit card, online banking, PayPal, and local banks too, overall, payment method varies by region.

You can pay for your ads automatically on manually. What this means is that; if you go for the automatic method, you won’t have to pay for your ads before they run, instead, costs will be counted as the ads run and you will be charged on a monthly bill date set by you.

The automatic method is the common method of payment for PayPal and your debit or credit card. The manual method simply means that you will be charged before your ads can run, here you will have to fund your account first.

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