Facebook Ad Library Tool – How To Use Facebook Ad Library Tool

Facebook Ad Library is a dream for brands using the social media giant to reach audiences. It offers helpful information on what’s happening in your industry through access to competitor ads and content. But access alone doesn’t mean you’ll be able to quickly and easily gain the insights that make for more competitive ad campaigns.

Facebook Ad Library Tool

Facebook Ad Library was designed to give anyone and everyone access to advertising taking place on Facebook. This approach is to promote transparency sharing as much information as possible. You have access to a collection of all advertisements running from across Facebook Products, including Instagram. What’s more, access to Facebook Ad Library isn’t restricted. You can use the platform without owning a Facebook or Instagram account.

Features of Facebook Ad Library Tool

Facebook Ad Library was created in the interest of transparency. Anyone paying attention to the birth and growth of social media and internet giants is aware of the fine line they walk in bringing products to market.

  • Providing free access to all ads running on Facebook and Instagram gives anyone the opportunity to identify what brands are up to. Given the Cambridge Analytica scandal, access to ads isn’t limited to what commercial brands are up to. You also get to see what social issues, electoral, and political ads are running.
  • The Facebook Ad Library Tool feature presents users with a host of information. You could see a summary that showed when a page was created. Whether the page name had been changed and when the change took place. And how many other pages were linked to the page you’re viewing. Other information included which countries the page managers are located in.

How To Use Facebook Ad Library Tool

Building your next campaign with the help of Facebook Ad Library is easier than you think. Here’s a five-step process you can follow to find competitor ads, learn how they are engaging their audience, and how to position your brand and offers more attractively.

  1. To get started, pull together a list of competitors in your space. The length of your list is entirely up to you, but we recommend keeping it to no more than 10 brands. This number will give you a good cross-section of brands and ad campaigns, helping you see what they are up to without overwhelming your senses.
  2. Proceed to Facebook Ad Library and search for each brand. It’s possible that brands may not be running ads at present, so this exercise is one you want to consider running at least once every two weeks to see what your list is up to.
  3. With access to ads, sort them using the filters in Ad Library to find information that’s relevant to your market.

While ads allow you to reach your target audience faster, stopping thumbs from scrolling requires engaging content. On social media, video and images have proven to be successful. Research shows that using video ads with captions increases view time by 12%, something that helps keep users engaged for longer.

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