Facebook Ad Library not Working: Facebook Ad Library Report | Facebook Ad Library Search

Speaking of Facebook Ad Library not Working, are you in for advertising your business online as well as making it public? Well, welcome to Facebook ads which are one of the most effective you can find. Moreover, due to its awesome feature which is known as the Facebook ad library, one can get lots of information about ads that are associated with a certain product.

Facebook Ad Library not Working

The Facebook ad library is a feature on Facebook that grants users access to all that have to do with ads relating to Facebook products. Some might find the Facebook ad library not working be it on android or iPhone or any other devices – it doesn’t matter. Sometimes, it may come as a result of you not selecting the correct country or not putting the right keywords on the search bar.

Facebook Ad Library not Working

Besides, you should as well know that in the Facebook ad library, ads can be filtered by platforms, impressions, keywords, status, page name, country, and so on. So, if you have the issue of Facebook ad library search not working, check on these ads filters if any mistake has been made. At times, where most users do find problems in the Facebook ad library search are the keywords inputted.

Facebook Ad Library Search

The Facebook ad library is known for searching ads right on the platform and getting information associated with it. Facebook has made the searching so easy as there are filters integrated of which was stated above. To view the Facebook ad library, you can go to  https://www.facebook.com/ads/library. The filters make the searching quick and fast but depending on the type of ads you looking for will determine the filters available for you.

There are different categories of Facebook ads that can be viewed which are the social issues, politics, election ads, or the housing ads or ads that are active. All come with their various filters. When searching for these ads, it’s quite easy to find as they are made as options above the search bar on the Facebook ad library page.

Facebook Ad Library Report

The Facebook ad library report contains data for ads that can be explored, filtered, and downloaded for later use. This increases transparency in advertising products as they are being made public. This feature is so amazing as you get to know the most frequent keywords being searched by people the previous weeks giving you knowledge on what’s trending.

Also, the special feature known as the spending tracker shows you a comparison of the amount advertisers and campaigns spends on social issues, politics, or election ads. Besides, they are being grouped by incumbency, an affiliation of the party, and campaign tickets. Also, this information can be shared using widgets that let you share snapshots of ads taken.

To create a widget, you have to first of all click on ‘create widget’ by choosing ‘if you’d like to share information on Presidential candidates or Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. Then, you pick a fixed or dynamic date range of which select if you want it to be static or automatically updated. Thereafter, there would be a code generated; copy it to enclose the widget customized to whatever platform you wish.


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