Face Recognition Broken by Galaxy S10 5G Update – Galaxy S10 5G Signature Feature

Face Recognition Broken by the new Galaxy S10 5G update. Samsung has been making some really good promises to launch the rollout Android update more regularly, even if it is a little bit belatedly. Part of this happens to include the improvement of the process for integrating and testing all those security patches and bugs. With that, the fixes would become a disaster waiting for you to happen instead.

Face Recognition Broken by Galaxy S10 5G Update

Face Recognition Broken by Galaxy S10 5G Update

Unfortunately, this is not unusual for bugs to slip right through the cracks. Just like some of the owners of the Galaxy S10 from 2019 are now reporting. As stated in some complaints, the phone’s facial recognition feature suddenly stopped working right after the installation took place right in July.

The Galaxy S10 Series really was notable for being Samsung’s first smartphone to feature the under-screen fingerprint scanner. The Galaxy S10 5G, would, however, upped the ante by coming with Samsung’s first and so far the only front-facing 3D Time-of-flight Tof sensor. This component was recently intended to be Samsung’s response to Apple’s TrueDepth Face ID technology. This came out to be pretty ironic when it is now broken because of what should have been a really easy update.

Samsung Face Recognition Stopped Working

As stated by users that are on Samsung’s official south Korean forums, the galaxy S10 5G’s face recognition stopped working well right after the last update was made. No matter the condition of the lighting, it failed to correctly authenticate the users and unlock their phones. Even typical troubleshooting methods yielded no relief.

The Forum moderator recently acknowledged the reports and have promised that the company would look into them. Currently, there has been no revealed solution, and users might just be looking to switch to a different biometric authentication method for the time at the moment. All Those that are yet to install the July security patch, on the other hand, might want to forego doing that until a much newer patch arrives.

Galaxy S10 5G Signature Feature

The Galaxy S10 5G’s signature feature happens to have had some trouble to start with. So it is surprising that Samsung decided not for to put the ToF sensor in its subsequent flagships. This happens to be the latest bug that would probably not endear the feature to more users. But, given certain situations, they would not have a lot of choice but to use its is very special facial recognition system anyway.


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