Epic Galaxy S23 Deal Makes the Latest Phone from the Company Free

Epic Galaxy S23 deal makes the latest phone from the company free but only for a limited time. You will however need to trade in a recent smartphone in order to take advantage of this great discount.

Epic Galaxy S23 Deal Makes the Latest Phone from the Company Free

Epic Galaxy S23 Deal Makes the Latest Phone from the Company Free

Just recently, Samsung announced the galaxy S23 lineup, and just as it does every single year with its new phones, the company is now offering some really interesting discounts, we have already highlighted all of the best Galaxy S23 deals, but this very particular offer from the company is just so good that we had to do something about it on its own, ahead of the official release of the phone on February 17, you can now score a Galaxy S23 or S23 Plus for free with a trade-in and you can then upgrade to the Galaxy S23 Ultra for just $200.

What You Need To Get the Phone For Free

In order to get the phone for free, you will, however, need to get one of the carrier versions and not the unlocked model T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T are all the moment offering large trade-in credits towards the new phone and bill credits to cut the overall price to $0. And as part of its own preorder specials, the company is now offering a free storage upgrade which will combine with the carrier deals, so with that, you can now score the 256GB model for absolutely nothing (free) instead of just limiting yourself to the 128GB option.

The Trade-In Options Vary To Each Carrier

The trade-in options however vary in regards to each carrier, so you will want to make sure that you check out all of the details on Samsung’s website in a bid to make sure that you select the best option for you. If however, you want the unlocked model, you can get as much as low as $720 in trade-in credit towards the outright buy of the new Galaxy  S23 or S23 Plus models, meaning that you can pay as little as $79 out of your own pocket for the new phones.

Orders Placed Before the Preorder Window Ends Will Get a Free Instant Credit

All orders that are placed before the preorder window ends will get a free instant credit of up to $150 to utilize at Samsung. This can then be used towards the acquisition of the Samsung Care Plus service of accessories for your new phone.


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