Easy Steps to Shop and Pay Online Using Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay is an addition from Walmart to the ever-growing mobile payment market. Just like Samsung pay, apple pay, visa pay, and other popular mobile pay. Walmart pay allows you to link your credit, debit, and even gift cards to your mobile gadget and use it to pay at your own convenience. The only limit of Walmart pay is that unlike the other mobile wallets that are widely accepted at different vending machines, stores, and gas stations, it is only at Walmart that the Walmart pay is accepted.

Walmart Pay assists you in speeding up your checkout process whenever you shop at any Walmart stores. You can also use it to store the information of your credit, debit, and gift card very secured. You just have to use your smartphone to check out your information, instead of pulling out your cash, loose change, or even your card.

Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay is designed to make your life easier and better, by providing tools you need to manage your list of shopping from just the palm of your hands. The Walmart Pay is very easy to get, can you imagine? All that is required from you is just to get the Walmart app downloaded in your mobile gadget and sign in to your own Walmart account.

You can quickly and easily set up an account within this app. Then you can now link the Walmart Pay with any of your credit cards, Walmart gift cards also work with it. You are required to use a four-digit personalized passcode each time you want to use your Walmart Pay. This makes it easy to keep your card and account information very secure, even if your mobile phone gets stolen or lost.

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About Walmart

Walmart is international retail cooperation in America, they operate a chain of the bazaar, grocery stores, and discount department stores, that their headquarters is in Bentonville Arkansas. The company was founded in the year 1962 on October 31, by Sam Walton. As of 31, July 2020, Walmart has over 11,496 stores and clubs in over 27 countries, operating with 56 different names.

According to the Fortune Global 500 list in 2019, Walmart by revenue is the world’s largest company. The company is a public traded business and family-owned as the company is been controlled by the family of Walton. The good thing about Walmart is that they adapt to changes as they upgrade year to year, as the world is advancing in technology, they are not left out.

How to Set Up Walmart Pay and Add a Card Walmart

To set up a Walmart Pay and adding a card is quite easy. Just follow the steps listed below;

  • Firstly, you have to get the Walmart app downloaded and launch it.
  • Then you click on services from the list of the features.
  • Next, you tap on Walmart Pay.
  • Then you tap on the get started button.
  • Click or tap on the create an account or sign button. If you have a Walmart account already, you can sign in by using your email address and password.
  • Once you have signed in, tap your credit or debit card.
  • Then you use your device’s camera to capture the information on your card or, you can enter manually by typing your card info instead.
  • Next, you enter your name, your address, your security code, and any other required information.
  • Then you tap continue.
  • Once the information on your card is saved, you will be required to create a four-digit pin to be able to use it with all Walmart’s secure services.
  • Then you would be given a chance to choose whether you would like to use a pin or fingerprint ID.
  • If in case you wish to add more cards, just simply tap the banner at the bottom of the screen, then tap the add payment methods and replicate the previous steps.

After you are done, you can now be among the Walmart Pay users.

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