Easter Eggs Designs – How to Decorate a Hard-Boiled Egg for Easter | Why We Celebrate Easter with Eggs

Speaking of Easter Eggs Designs, Easter eggs are simply used for commemorating and celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Brightly colored eggs, eggs rolling and eggs hunts have been greatly incorporated into the celebration of Easter.

Easter Eggs Designs

The art of painting Easter eggs is a tradition that is specially held beloved and cherished by the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches.

Easter Eggs Designs

The dyed egg basically serves as a representation of the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross and the eggs are blessed at the end of the paschal vigil and distributed to all the congregants. The hard shell is a representation of the sealed tomb of Jesus Christ and the cracked shell represents Jesus resurrection from the dead

List of Easter Egg Designs

There are several and numerous designs that you can make use of to decorate your eggs in a beautiful and captivating manner. Some but a few out of the design of the eastern egg are listed for you below:

  1. Marbled Egg design
  2. Tie-Dye Egg design
  3. Watercolor Egg design
  4. Stamped Egg design
  5. Vegetable Egg design
  6. Marbleized Egg design
  7. Sugared Egg design
  8. Chick Egg design
  9. Mosaic Egg design
  10. Confetti Egg design

The above are some of the best Easter Egg design that you can make use of to decorate your Easter Egg.

How to Decorate a Hard-Boiled Egg for Easter

So simple and straightforward, for those who want to decorate and a hard-boiled egg for Easter, you are to follow the below processes

  1. Dyeing Easter Eggs
  2. Boil the eggs and put the eggs in a pan of water.
  3. Fill a container. If you’re only dyeing one egg, you can use a cup (236.6 ml)
  4. Soak the egg for 5 minutes. Place the egg on a spoon and dunk the egg into the liquid
  5. Dye the egg multiple colors.
  6. Remove the egg.

Can You Decorate Raw Eggs?

Definitely Yes, you can dye an uncooked egg but it is actually advisable for you to just boil them because a hard egg is preferable for the Easter hunt because it won’t break, and peradventure they do they won’t cause a mess

Can I Dye Eggs Without Vinegar?

For those who do not have vinegar, you can make use of lemon juice or just exclude the use of vinegar. But you should note that eggs that are dyed without vinegar will definitely turn out pastel-colored, so you will need a mild acid like vinegar or lemon juice to produce a vibrant color

How Long you Boil Eggs for Easter Eggs

After adding enough water and covering, heat it up for at least 15 minutes for it to get boiled enough

Why You Have to Use Vinegar to Dye Eggs

Vinegar is basically used because it is an acid and it contains around 3% acetic acid and creates a perfect condition for food coloring to dye the egg

Why We Celebrate Easter with Eggs

From the Christian view, the Easter eggs represent Jesus great resurrection from the tomb and resurrection. More research can be done on Google.

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