Easter 2021 USA: 2021 Easter Date in USA

Easter 2021 USA? Easter is a Christian ceremony that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Though it is an observation on the Georgian Calendar, it has no fixed date to it but the celebration usually falls between March and May.

Easter 2021 USA

Easter 2021 USA

Easter is the most celebrated feats/ceremony in the Christian religion throughout the world. The celebration of the Easter season starts from Palm Sunday to the Easter Triduum (The Easter Triduum consists of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday). Immediately after all these, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday follow respectively.

2021 Easter Date in USA

2021 Easter falls on Sunday, 4th of April 2021, and it will be celebrated on this day in the USA and other parts of the world.

Is there Public Holiday on Easter?

Easter is a Christian observance, and this year, it will be observed on the 4th of April. There will be a Public Holiday on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday which is on the 4th and 5th of April respectively.

Why is There no Fixed Date for Easter Sunday?

This is a question that is often asked but not always answered properly. Here we will be giving the correct answer to why there is no fixed date for Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday has no fixed date because the observation is from the Jewish calendar and not from the Georgian Calendar, unlike New Year. Due to this, the date of this observation is not the same every year. There can be a week difference in the date and there can also be a months’ own.

Easter Dates

Here, we shall be sharing a table. This table contains the Easter dates from 2001 to 2040. Below you will find a table attached containing this.

YearEaster Dates
2001April 15
2002March 31May 5
2003April 20April 27
2004April 11
2005March 27May 1
2006April 16April 23
2007April 8
2008March 23April 27
2009April 12April 19
2010April 4
2011April 24
2012April 8April 15
2013March 31May 5
2014April 20
2015April 5April 12
2016March 27May 1
2017April 16
2018April 1April 8
2019April 21April 28
2020April 12April 19
2021April 4May 2
2022April 17April 24
2023April 9April 16
2024March 31May 5
2025April 20
2026April 5April 12
2027March 28May 2
2028April 16
2029April 1April 8
2030April 21April 28
2031April 13
2032March 28May 2
2033April 17April 24
2034April 9
2035March 25April 29
2036April 13April 20
2037April 5
2038April 25
2039April 10April 17
2040April 1May 6

Here is the table of the Easter dates from 2001 to 2040. Soon, we will be updating this table with the Easter dates of more years.

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