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Are you interested to download the Facebook avatar for free? Have you seen the recent and cartoon image on the Facebook social media platform? Most users on Facebook must have seen it and be wondering about how to make theirs.

You just came across the article to give you all you need to know about the Facebook avatar app. Downloading the Facebook avatar app is for free. The app is one of the most vital things you need to have. Without downloading the Facebook avatar app on our device you can have the access to making your own cartoon image of yourself.

However, there is more to this article that you haven’t heard. Of, which I will be given you all on the second part of this content.

Download the Facebook Avatar For Free

Download the Facebook Avatar For Free

Facebook has made it absolutely easy to download the Facebook avatar for free. Facebook has made this app free to all Facebook users. It might interest you to know that non-users are even much aware of the Facebook avatar. As such they are making efforts to getting a Facebook account.

So they can make theirs also. Facebook recently after releasing this feature has gone wide. The platform is getting busier on a daily basis. However, all you need to download this app is your device and a strong data connection.

Once you have these and downloaded the app. then you are sure of making your cartoon version of yourself. Let’s see how you can download the Facebook avatar for free.

Facebook Avatar App    

Facebook avatar app is one of its kind. You might be wondering why I mentioned such. Do you know that right inside the app everything you need to make your avatar is been provided? Facebook made it so, for you not to stress yourself when making yours. Facebook has all the features to make your avatar image look exactly just like you.

However, the avatar app and the Facebook latest app are both the same. The avatar app is located inside the Facebook app. You will get to find out about that when am giving you the steps on how to create a Facebook avatar. Let’s see the steps on how to download the Facebook avatar app:

  • On your device tap on Google Play Store App or App store.
  • Then type on “Facebook”.
  • When the search result pops up on your screen device click on the official Facebook App.
  • Click on the Download or Get button to start downloading immediately.
  • The above are the guidelines for downloading the Facebook Avatar App on your Android and iOS device.

Create Facebook Avatar Free 2020

To create the Facebook avatar free 2020 you must have downloaded the app. when the app is downloaded then creating the avatar is the next thing. The following are the steps below:

  • Open your Facebook app and pick the “three dots” menu option at the top right-hand side of the screen.
  • Scroll down the menu until you “see more”, and then click on it to open more options.
  • On the drop-down, it will reveal an option to Avatar and tap on it.
  • It will now take you to create, where you have the opportunity to choose how you want to look in cartoon form.
  • Pick the skin tone that you feel is best for you and click on the Next button.
  • Choose your eye style and color for the color range from brown to purple.
  • Always pick full lashes and also you can select the makeup for your avatar including lash extensions or bold eyeliner.
  • Select the shape of your eyebrow and nose for your avatar. There is a range of shapes and sizes.
  • Pick your lip shape to create your perfect pout and also choose lipstick for your avatar.
  • Then after that, choose your avatar body shape. It doesn’t ask for measurements.
  • Pick your outfit. There are ranges to choose from also.
  • And click on finish, it will only take Facebook around 10 seconds to finishing creating it, ready for you to share.

The following steps above are how to create a Facebook avatar for free. You can get more details about the Facebook avatar here.


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