Dormant Developers Accounts Removed by Google Play Store

Dormant Developers Accounts is being Removed by Google Play Store. Google Play Store has been housing a lot of apps. And you can say that it is actually the home of a lot of Apps. Android’s official app marketplace is better recognized for the tons of app that it holds rather than the quality of the apps.

Dormant Developers Accounts Removed by Google Play Store

And it might be long-overdue some trimming. It seems that a really great culling would finally enter Google Play Store as Google announces their new policies. This policy would be taking out developers’ accounts and apps that are not in use or are barely being used.

Dormant Developers Accounts Removed by Google Play Store

Google Play’s policy that is about to arrive is not just about keeping the Play Store clean of obsolete and apps that are not maintained. Well, it is definitely one of the culling benefits. Also concerning the strengthening of the platform’s security by taking out software that might be filled with severe bugs and vulnerabilities that are yet to get fixed. Also, it is about offering the developers a stake in building their Android’s Security.

Google Culling Effect

When the culling would take effect is yet to be announced, but Google would soon close developer accounts that have been considered as dormant ones. All these are accounts that have been inactive or even abandoned for over a year. Or, if the developer has not uploaded anything or ever access the Google Play Store in almost one year. Abandoned Developer accounts are faced with the risk of getting exploited by hackers to upload malicious apps, especially when the account has been fortified with two-factor authentication.

With that Stated, Google would not close their dormant developer accounts that have apps with over 1,000 installs or with in-app purchases over the past 90 days. This would bring up the suggestion that the apps have an active user base, and it would not be great if google closes the account. With that stated, you should note that such apps might be carrying bugs that would place the users at risk also.

What Happens When Remove Dormant Developer Accounts

While it is great that Google would be cleaning up their house, it does not place a certain class of apps at a really big disadvantage. These would be apps that possess less than 1,000 installs but would remain actively used. Despite the developer having gone MIA, Google does state that developers whose account was closed are welcome to create new accounts. But they would not get their old account back, including those apps and data that are inside the account.


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