Doodle Halloween – How To Play The Google Doodle Halloween Game

What is doodle Halloween? Have you heard of the famous doodle Halloween? Doodles are really fun games to play. Oops, I just let it slip. The doodle Halloween is a Google game. Do you know what this type of game is this? Google doodle is not like your traditional game you know and play.

This game is not like the asphalt game or the spider man game. This Google doodle game may not be as popular and fun as the games mentioned, but it is very interesting in the sense that they portray or bring something different to the table. Now to take us further in this article, what are Google doodle games? Would you love to know? If you would, then continue reading.

Doodle Halloween

Doodle Halloween

What is doodle Halloween? Doodle Halloween is a Google doodle game. What are Google doodle games then? Google doodle games are the fun, surprising, and the spontaneous changes that are sometimes made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, events, anniversaries, famous artists, pioneers, and very important people that are making waves in their fields or professions.

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The Google doodle games are very popular. And it is almost next to impossible if you haven’t come across this Google game before? If you have made use of the Google search engine, then you should have come across this game before. This game is a very popular game and it is played by so many people all over the globe.

Since the inception of this game, the game has grown prominence all over the world. This game originally was the responsibility of one person, but it is now the responsibility of a team of talented illustrators called doodlers. The Google doodles bring a breadth of fresh air to your homepage and therefore bringing smiles to the faces of Google users all over the world.

Google Doodle Halloween

Now you know what the Google doodle game is all about, do you want to know more about it and how it works? Well, have you ever wondered how many doodles Google has done over the years? Well, the number of doodles created by the Google doodlers is not exact, but here is something I know for sure. Over 4000 doodles have been created so far all over the world.

Now that that is out of the way, have you wondered who chooses the doodles that will be created and how the events are created? Well, a group of doodlers makes the decision to decide the particular event that will be celebrated with a Google doodle. The ideas on the other hand come from googlers and uses of the platform. The aim of these doodles is to celebrate interesting events and anniversaries.

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Types Of Google Doodle Halloween Games

Over the years, there have been a number of Halloween doodle games created, and in this article; I will be making mention of a few here in this article. Some of the Google doodle Halloween games are;

  • Halloween 2010.
  • Halloween 2009.
  • The Halloween doodle 2011.
  • Halloween 2008.
  • Halloween 2006.
  • The Halloween 2005.
  • Halloween 2002 and so much more.

How To Play The Google Doodle Halloween Game

This game is an easy-to-understand game. You don’t have to create an account to play this game. To play this game, follow the steps below;

  • Go to Google doodle games and sect the Halloween doodle.
  • Select a goggle game to play and tap on the Play tab.
  • A short tutorial on how to play will be displayed to you.
  • And after the game tutorial has finished playing, the game will start.

That’s it! Follow the steps above carefully to successfully play this game.

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