Do Audible Credits Expire: Why Do Audile Credits Expire?

Do audible credits expire? So you have been on audible for some time now and you really want to know your way around the platform and since credits on the service are a big thing, you really don’t know how it works.

Do Audible Credits Expire

Well, one of the things you probably should get yourself acquainted with in regard to audible credits is if it expires. And in this post, I will be telling you everything you need to know in that regard.


Do Audible Credits Expire

Now to answer the question we all have been waiting for, here it is. Do audible credits expire? The answer is a resounding YES! Credits on the audible service expire after one year (12 months) after they were originally bought. And o find the date when credits are issued as well as their expiration date, then you should go to the credit summary page of the platform here.

You should however note that credits gotten from the audible iOS app membership or an audible goggle play membership on the other hand do not expire. These credits gotten on the mentioned platforms will remain in your account even after you cancel. Extra credits that are bought in the iOS or Android app of Audible do not expire also.

Why Do Audile Credits Expire

The credit system of Audible is designed to provide the best value for its users and clients while also supporting the actors, authors, and many other professionals on the platform that create the listening experiences offered. These creative communities as you should know rely on royalties from Audible which I a very important source of income. And the platform in turn pays royalties when a credit is redeemed for a selected title or as when it gets to expire.

Audible continuously seeks to strike a balance between giving clients the ability to select their audible books in a very timely manner as well as giving them the flexibility that they want, and the obligations for the platform to appropriately incentivize the tens of thousands of artists with whom they work with. Audible simply wants customers to use the credits that they paid for on the platform, on their terms, and they also offer several plan options to suit the taste of every listener.

Do I Keep My Credits If I Cancel My Audible Premium Plus Membership

If you get to end your Audible Premium Plus membership, then your credits will be lost with your other many membership benefits.

It would be best practice if you try and sell all of your credits before you decide finally on ending your membership on the platform. You should also remember that any title that you purchase with a credit or a credit card is yours even if it is that you are no longer on the platform anymore, so you should be sure to make use of those credits in question.

If however, you get to switch to the Audible Plus plan, then you will keep all of the credits that you have gathered. The credits in question will also keep their expiration date.


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