Different PS4 and XBOX Best Controller: List of Best Controllers for PS4 and XBOX

Different PS4 and XBOX Best Controller – Games have evolved massively over the years and so everything that has to do with also evolved. Game controllers being one of them. Play Station (PS) is one of the game’s world wild that everyone plays. Everyone enjoys playing the Play Station.

Different PS4 and XBOX Best Controller

There have been different play Station with different control pads that come with. That has also been the case for XBOX. No matter the type of game you enjoy and love playing, the pads or controller play a huge role in it. So if you are playing with a bad controller you won’t enjoy the game and may get bad results. The same goes with good and quality pads or controllers.

Different PS4 and XBOX Best Controller

In this article, I will be sharing with you a list of the best controllers out there in the market for you. Are you a gamer that has been having problems with any of the pad you purchase? Or you don’t have a taste of buying good game controllers? Then worry not. Because this article will serve as a guide to you. So whether you want to buy it for a PS4 or XBOX you should get the best for yourself at a very affordable price.

List of Best Controllers for PS4 and XBOX

Below is a list of some best and affordable controllers for your game. But before getting a controller, there are some things that need to be put into consideration. Such things include;

  • Comfort it gives
  • The design quality
  • The functionality
  • Battery life most importantly
  • Your budget

Scuf Vantage 2:

Released last the Scuf Vantage 2 gaming pad is a must-have for every gamer out there. it has a dimension of 8 x 6 x 4 inches, weighs 2.29 pounds and is manufactured by SCUF GAMING. It was released last year in October it comes with extra two thumbsticks and it cost around $200.00 on amazon.

Pros of Scuf Vantage 2

  • It come with wired or wireless
  • Ultra customize
  • Responds very well

Cons of Scuf Vantage 2

  • It is on the high side
  • It does not have an initial set up

Sony DualShock 4:

This gamepad controller is on amazon for a region of $65.99.  It is one of the best controllers you can get since it comes with the PS4 itself. It comes in many colors and so many stylish designs.

Released in February 2018, it is 12 ounces in weight, has a dimension of 10 x 2 x 3 inches, and is manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment. Some of its features are that it shares and screenshots videos and pictures.

Pros of Sony DualShock 4

  • It is durable
  • Has built-in speakers
  • Works for old PS4

Cons of Sony DualShock 4

  • It does not have a strong battery life
  • Has a bit of charging issues
  • It does not come with a USB cable

NACON Revolution Unlimited:

Produced by NACON companies, this is a play station 4 pad controller with great quality. One thing that makes it different from other controllers is that its analog is situated from each other in symmetrical other. This product has a dimension of 3.74 x 8.07 x 7.87 inches, an item weight of 1.54 pounds, Black in color and it was released April 2019. It cost $104.89 on Amazon.

Pros of NACON Revolution Unlimited

  • Ability to store four customizable profiles
  • Similar to an XBOX controller
  • Wired and wireless-enabled

Cons of NACON Revolution Unlimited:

NACON Revolution Unlimited

  • Not too comfortable with the grip
  • Learning the software takes time

XBOX Elite Controller Series 2:

This Xbox controller is an incredible controller and very comfortable to use. It has a long life span too. Released last year November, this product has a dimension of 1 x 2 x 2 inches, weighs 2.89 pounds, and is manufactured by Placeholder. It has an in-built battery and it uses rechargeable. It valued at around $170.10 on amazon

Pros of XBOX Elite Controller Series 2

  • Bluetooth customized
  • Removable and changeable stick and D-pad
  • Beautiful design

Cons of XBOX Elite Controller Series 2

  • It is very costly
  • It has more weight than other pads

Razer Wolverine Ultimate:

This Xbox game controller was manufactured by Razer Inc. on the 1st of April 2019. It is a product of 4.16 x 6.1 x 2.59 inches in dimension, has a weight of 13.6 ounces, one in-built lithium battery. It is a customizable pad with a great design. It is available on Amazon for $150.00.

Pros of Razer Wolverine Ultimate:

  • Comfortable Ergonomic
  • Built-in audio controls
  • Paddles and buttons can be customized

Cons of Razer Wolverine Ultimate:

  • It has unusual padded designs
  • Can’t be used wirelessly with your PC


As a gamer enjoying the game you are playing is where the fun comes in. And gamepads and controllers contribute massively to that. On Amazon, you are sure of getting the best gamepads that will give the quality you want. The list above is some of the best controllers currently available on the market. Make a choice of what you want and get it.


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