Department Store Credit Cards for Fair Credit

You should consider getting any of the department store credit cards for fair credit if you have less than perfect credit. Although store cards can be used only within the store, they help you enjoy your shopping experience. Having less-than-perfect credit can be quite frustrating. Department Store Credit Cards for Fair Credit

This limits you to loans and credit cards with high-interest rates. Store cards are more flexible with their requirements, interest rates, and credit limits. This article will give you all you need to know about this topic. Read on.

Department Store Credit Cards for Fair Credit     

You may be wondering if it’s right to get a store card. It’s not bad especially if you are a frequent shopper at the Departmental store. With this, you can shop in-store and earn rewards as you do so. Also, these cards may help you build credit if you pay bills on time.

Easiest Store Cards to Get           

Looking for the easiest retail credit card to get should be an option if you have fair credit. As earlier stated, most store cards are flexible in terms of the credit score needed, and eligibility requirements. This is unlike most traditional credit accounts. Below, are some of the easiest store cards to get with fair credit.

Target Store Card

The Target Store card is also known as the RedCard. This card is designed for customers with fair credit. With this card, you get 5% off on your everyday purchases at or any Target physical store. This card comes with no annual fee and cardholders enjoy free 2-day shipping on the items they purchase.

In addition to this, cardholders also enjoy an additional 30 days for returns and exchanges. The 5% discount card holders enjoy applies to Starbucks, specialty gift cards, Drive Up, and Shipt which includes same-day delivery orders placed on

Target carries out a pre-approval check for customers and this will help you determine if you qualify for the card. The card also comes with no membership fees.

Fingerhut Credit Card

The Fingerhut Store Card is another good credit card option for people with fair credit. Fingerhut offers two credit accounts to customers. The first one is the Fingerhut Fetti credit account. This account allows customers to shop whenever they like up to the limit on their credit account. When you make payments for three consecutive months, you qualify for a credit line increase. The second account type is Finger FreshStart.

This account is for people with bad credit and involves a one-time purchase program that is similar to a traditional credit account. With these accounts, you shop with low payments and there are no hidden fees. The Fingerhut cards report to the three major bureaus hence improving your credit score as long as you maintain good habits with your account.

Nordstrom Credit Card

Nordstrom is a clothing store that offers two types of credit cards. One can be used anywhere and the other one can be used only at Nordstrom because it is a store-only card. If you have a less-than-perfect FICO score, you should go for the Nordstrom store-only card.

With this card, you get amazing rewards and card member perks. Nordstrom also offers new card members a signup bonus of $40 on a purchase of $100 or more. Another advantage of this card is that it comes with no annual fee.

kohl’s Credit Card

Kohl’s credit card is one of the retail credit cards for bad credit. Although balance transfers are not allowed, the card comes with no annual fee. With this card, you get extra savings offered throughout the year. Cardholders enjoy a 35% discount and a special anniversary offer each year. You can also combine your Kohl’s card discounts with your cash and rewards.

JCPenney Credit Card

The JCPenney card is a closed loop card meaning it can be used for only JCPenney purchases. This is a no-annual-fee card that offers a 15% discount initial rewards bonus and you can qualify with fair credit.

If you are a frequent shopper at JCPenney, you can make the most of this card especially if you have less than perfect credit. This card comes with exclusive saving offers and you can shop and get rewards faster on eligible purchases. With this card, you get 15% and 5% discounts respectively on qualifying purchases.

Macy’s Credit Card

One of the easiest store credit cards to get is the Macy’s card. Macy’s is a departmental store that offers a star rewards program. You can maximize this program with the store card. This card offers rewards on Macy’s purchases and birthday surprises to card members. With this card, you can get free shipping and benefits that are member-exclusive.


What Credit Score Do I Need to Get a Store Card?

Most store cards are designed for people with fair or less-than-perfect credit.  This means that you can still qualify for a store card with fair or even bad credit. When applying for a store credit card with bad credit, ensure you compare various card options.

Is it difficult to get a Department Store Card?

It may not be hard to get a department credit score if you meet the minimum score required. Most store cards are available for people with fair credit and this makes it easy for most people to get.

What Store Credit Card Can I Get with a 590 FICO Score?

There are many store cards you can apply for if you have less than perfect credit. Some of them include Kohl’s card, Walmart rewards card, Target card, Fingerhut, and lots more.

Is the Target Card Hard to Get?

The Target Red card is a good store card for people with fair credit. This makes it easy for people with a score of 630 to get approved for the card. so if you have fair credit, you can qualify for this card.



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