Dating On the Facebook Dating App Today – Why is the Facebook dating app not working?

Want to know about the Facebook dating app, well follow this article today and ill enlighten you about it. Facebook dating has actually made dating online easier and more fun. This is because you will find it easier to find love through things you might share in common like your interests, groups, and events.

Dating On the Facebook Dating App Today

Finding that special someone is deeply personal, and that is why you must take your time to search well and Facebook has made it easier. One of the good things is that Facebook not only gives you the opportunity to find your romantic partner but also made sure your that your dating is kept secret and giving also tight security to you.

Dating On the Facebook Dating App Today

The dating app on Facebook has amazing features like secret crushes, making it possible for you to easily add someone you like from your friend’s list. But one thing you must also know is that the dating platform on Facebook is not a standalone app as it is embedded in the Facebook app, and you must have the Facebook app before you can access the dating feature.

Facebook dating will also not match you with any of your friends with those within your circle unless of course, you add them as secret crushes. And by doing so your Facebook profile is totally kept secret without anybody knowing if you are on the platform. Amazing right?

Is Facebook Dating Still a Thing?

Yes, Facebook dating is still very much active and Facebook is still making plans to roll the dating platform to more countries. But take note as I earlier said before that there is no separate Facebook Dating app or Facebook Dating site; the feature is inside your Facebook mobile app.

If you become Facebook friends with some after matching with them on Facebook Dating, you can still see their dating profile.

Why Did Facebook Dating Disappear

This might be because you are not using the most recent version of the Facebook app and that’s why the dating app isn’t working. All you need do is to update the Facebook app to the latest version of it and if it’s still not working check if your device is well connected.

Why is the Facebook dating app not working?

First of all, like I said earlier check to make sure you are using the most recent version of the Facebook app, and if not update it in your Google play store or app store. And if you are not up to 18 years of age you can still not access the Facebook dating app as the app is meant for people of the age of 18 years and above.

Also, it might be because the app has not yet been rolled out to your region check to know if that’s the case. If none of this works restart your mobile phone and try again or better still contact facebook customer service for help. You can get more details about Facebook dating by simply clicking here.


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