Dating on Facebook is Free 2021 – Facebook Dating App | Dating on Facebook App 2021

Speaking of Dating on Facebook is Free 2021, the main purpose of Facebook dating is for people to meet singles on the platform.

Before now that Facebook has not brought in the dating feature, people do use other dating platforms for meeting their soulmate or singles online.

Dating on Facebook is Free 2021

But now that Facebook has launched its dating service to the platform, people from other dating platforms are now running from these platforms down to Facebook.

Why do you think everyone is running from other dating platforms to the Facebook platform so they can meet singles or their soulmates? The main reason is that most of all the dating platforms or apps are paid-for apps or platforms.

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Dating on Facebook is Free 2021

I believe everyone that is present here knows what a soulmate is, well it actually means someone you want to get married to or someone that you have gotten married to.

The platform of Facebook has made it very easy for its users to expose their feelings with other users on the platform. Do you know that dating on Facebook is one of the best ways you can quickly find your love or soulmate very fast?

Dating does not mean you must communicate with only those that you know but it is open to anyone all around the world as long dating is involved.

Facebook Dating Site

The dating site is simply talking about the Facebook official website which is If you are looking for a dating site for Facebook, you don’t really have to go to the internet any more than you are looking for a Facebook dating site.

Because what you will find there is what you have here that you are reading right on this website of mine. Now that you know the dating site of Facebook is the platform website, I believe we can now move forward to other paragraphs.

Facebook Dating App

It does really mean that I mentioned downloading the Facebook dating app, you will now think there is an app for dating on Facebook. The app I am talking about here is the Facebook mobile app and that of the dating section.

The platform made it clear to us that the dating section is an in-built app that is made right inside the Facebook platform. This is also to let you know that there is no other way you can access the dating section without access the Facebook platform.

You will find out how you can access the dating section as soon as I take you to the dating profile setup process.

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How to Get Started with Facebook Dating – Facebook Dating Sign Up

The reason I so love this service that the people that are in your friend list will not be able to see if you are using the dating app on Facebook. Your dating profile will only be exposed to those who are also into the dating section but dependent on your location and age. So, to create your dating follow the steps below to create your dating profile or account.

  • Login in to your Facebook account using the Facebook website or app.
  • Switch to your account profile, tap the love icon. You will find it at the top of your profile among the other options.
  • Enter your names, age, the country you live, skin texture, age range of people you want to see.

You have to complete the request on the setup page to create your dating account or profile and it is free. Before you can access the dating section, you need to create a Facebook account which is the very first thing you need to do. Note that you can only see the dating feature on your account if only the feature is available in your country.

Facebook Sign Up

The following steps you will be encountering are the very steps you need to set up a Facebook account.

  • Firstly, visit Facebook and go to the sign-up page by clicking the sign-up button.
  • What you have to do now is to type in your first and last name.
  • Then your email or mobile number, you can enter the one you wish to use.
  • Next is to choose your date of birth “Date, month, and year”. And also choose your sex category and click the create button.

With these steps and if you follow them very clearly, your account will be created but it does not end there. You have to verify the account first, use the code that will be sent to your email or message inbox to verify it by typing the codes inside the verification box.

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