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Today we will be discussing in a rather educative post “Dating Now on Facebook”. Most people are aware that they can date on Facebook but they are not utilizing this opportunity. It’s probably because they do not know how to get started. If this is your case, then you should definitely read this article to the end.

Dating Now on Facebook

Dating Now on Facebook

The social media has grown to be more than just a social media to upload photos, videos and communicate. It is now a social media to transfer money, run advertisements and date. For time’s sake, we will be focusing on the dating aspect.

The social media now have one of the most unique dating features in the world. This feature was created in such a unique way that it shares a different dating profile from your account profile.

How cool right? Another amazing this is that regular users who are not a part of the dating community would not be able to view your dating profile or even have an idea you are using the dating feature.

Facebook Dating App

The dating app is available for both Android and iOS devices to download and install for free. Not to be mistaken, note that the dating app and the social media official app are the same.

Some people call it the Facebook dating app as it is the only app that gives you access to access the dating feature on the social media. Rest assured that making use of the dating app to access and make use of the dating feature is free.

If you do not have the Dating app installed on your device, simply go to your device app store and have it installed right away. For the next step on how to date on the social media, you need it.

Dating in Facebook 2021 – How to Date on Facebook

Below is a well-detailed guide on how to date on the social media.

  • Open the Facebook dating app you download on your internet-connected device.
  • Quickly create an account if you don’t have one or sign in if you have one.
  • Once signed in to your account, tap on the three horizontal lines at the top of the screen. That is the menu icon and it can be found at the bottom right side of the screen for iOS devices.
  • From the menu options, select the dating icon which is a heart shaped icon colored purple and red.
  • On the dating home, tap on the “Get Started” button.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and provide every information required of you.

That’s pretty much it. After creating your dating profile, you would be taken to a page where potential matches will be displayed to you.

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