Dating in Facebook is Free – How to Access Facebook Dating App – Facebook Dating App

Do you want to Date on Facebook? Well, if you want to then you should know that Dating on Facebook is free. If you are familiar with Facebook very well, you should know that they offer a lot of interesting and free services that would blow you away. Facebook has filled with lots of interesting users thanks to one of their latest features Facebook dating, and if you wish to be a part of that platform, then this content would help you out.

Dating in Facebook is Free

What is Dating on Facebook? Before Facebook officially created a dating platform, dating on Facebook was done via dating groups which could only offer so little. The introduction of Facebook dating changed dating in Facebook forever, especially since it is free. Now, Facebook users get to date on Facebook without much work or stress to go through.

Facebook Dating App

The Facebook dating app is the app that made things a lot better for all singles on the dating platform. the dating app is a match-making app that matches users with a dating profile based on their interests, and things they have in common.

The app is not a separate app, it was created on Facebook, and it works with Facebook to create matches for people with a dating profile. the dating app has a lot of features and people using it have confirmed that fact, you can choose to be a part of using the Facebook dating app today, and trust me, if you were single before, you would not be for long.

How to Access Facebook Dating App

You might have to stumble across this app without knowing if you have been making use of Facebook for some time now, that is if you do not know where to access it. But, for some people in some countries, accessing it might be a problem because it is not yet available. Currently, only about 50 countries have it.

Steps on how to access Facebook dating is stated below as follows:

  • First, login your Facebook App
  • Then go to the Facebook menu (the hamburger menu icon at the top left of the page)
  • Scroll down the page and click on see more
  • On the see more page, you should find the dating app icon (a heart-shaped icon)

Tap on the icon, and you are in. create your profile and that is it, you would be dating in no time.

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