Dating in Facebook App – Facebook Dating Features | How do I Edit my Facebook Dating Profile

Dating in the Facebook app is not something new to a lot of people on Facebook even long before the introduction of the dating app. People usually make use of dating groups and pages which was really useful at that time.

Dating in Facebook App

But now, with the introduction of the dating app on Facebook, you would be amazed by what the app has to all the users. the app got a lot of attention from lots of people and companies giving it great reviews, and with this, you should want to use the dating app immediately.

Facebook on Dating App

If you have been using dating Groups or pages to date on Facebook, then you are a little bit outdated. You really need to check out the dating app that was introduced in 2018. This app has changed the face of dating on Facebook, and if you want to get a date a lot faster, you really should check out the dating app because it would blow your mind away.

Compared to the dating groups, the app does far more than just match. As a matter of fact, you get to make use of features that you would find on top dating platforms like Hinge, tinder, bumble, and more to match. Aside from that, the app also has some amazing features that would blow your mind. Facebook took advantage of the fact that the dating platform is there to deliver some really amazing features that would sweep you off your feet. Expect some of the Facebook Dating features below.

Facebook Dating Features

Like I stated Facebook dating app came with some of the best dating features that you would find on top dating sites. And below I would be stating them all for you. The features include:

  • Facebook would soon allow sharing of stories from both Facebook and Instagram account
  • The dating app comes with a secret crush feature that lets you match with people you already know on the app
  • The dating app lets you add your Instagram posts to your profile
  • You get to opt into events and groups to find people with interests similar to yours
  • People on the dating platform can share their locations or other important details with their date using messenger
  • The process involved in making a dating profile just got a lot easier compared to other dating platforms.

How do I Edit my Facebook Dating Profile?

This should not be a problem for you especially since the process of creating a dating profile has been made a lot easier with Facebook dating.

  • Open your Facebook account then go to the Hamburger menu at the top right
  • On the menu, click on the dating icon
  • If you have already created a dating profile, just tap on your profile and make the changes that you want to make
  • But if you have not, follow the on-screen process to create your dating account.

When you are done, tap Save to save the edit and that is it. your dating profile is not the same as your Facebook and Instagram profiles. so, if you make changes to your dating profile photo, it would not affect your Facebook account.


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