Data-Driven Gaming Sites – Does It Change Your User Experience?

People’s opinions and experience tends to be different and likely change when it comes to gaming sites that make use of data for their possible usage.

Data-Driven Gaming Sites
Data-Driven Gaming Sites

However, the collection of data by gaming Sites has been a topic for discussion for many years now and many of you have a lot of questions about this. To get your answers, you’ve come to the right place.

What A Data-Driven Gaming Site Means?

For a gaming site to be data-driven, it means all decision processes are a result of collected data, and also with user permission enabled, such as access to contacts or locations, the game is able to collect data about the user. And, this is mostly done in order to make the game more user-friendly.

Regarding casino games, it is established that slot sites are the most popular. These websites are focused on bringing gamblers multiple game options, all based on spins and returns. As other gaming hubs go, slot casinos will require personal data, IDs, and banking statements, as this kind of activity is meant for people over 18. On the virtual side, cookies are collected for better advertising and to save profile preferences.

Data Collected by Gaming Sites and Types

Gaming Sites collect three main kinds of data each with their individual purpose. They are Biometric Data, Behavioral Data, Geolocation Data, and Social Data.

Biometric Data

Game developers collect biometric data through various sensors on their devices such as infrared cameras, electroencephalograms, and speakers. With this, they can track emotional arousal and eye movement.

Behavioral Data

This tracks things like a player’s in-game spending, advancements in the game and how they got them, and how they interact with characters in the game

Geolocation Data

Geolocation Data is collected using a mix of Wi-FI, mobile cell tower triangulation, and GPS. With this data, they could easily tell a person’s home address and places they commonly visit.

Social Data

Social Data is collected when individuals add their game profiles to their real-world identities on social media.

Reasons for Data Collection by Gaming Sites

A game without, data collection what would it be like? Definitely, matchmaking would be terrible, some games wouldn’t even be possible without it. So, it is safe to say data collection is necessary for the thriving of games. Here are some reasons gaming Sites collect data:

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Long Term Planning
  • Improving the Gaming Experience

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Do Gaming Sites Collect  My Data?

Gaming sites take the data of users in order to better their playing experience. Take for instance, after studying how users play, game developers are able to come up with a better system that users will enjoy.

What Do Gaming Sites Do With My Data?

They can use your data for target advertising

How Do Gaming Sites Get Access to My Data?

Answer: Gaming sites are able to access your data through permissions that you have granted them

Is It Possible For My Data to Get Stolen?

It is possible for your data to get stolen. However, security measures are put in place to stop this from happening.

Examples of Data Collected by Gaming Sites?

Answer: They could collect data on your location, IP address, email address and frequently visited places.


Lastly, data usage is very necessary for these gaming sites for the development of the games and for you to have a great user experience. Also, be careful about the data you release and be sure that you can trust the website where your data is going. However, it is now on the gaming Company to safeguard the data of its users to avoid touching events.



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