Create Your Facebook Avatar for Free – Create My Facebook Avatar | Facebook Avatar App Download

Do you want to Create Your Facebook Avatar for Free? The Facebook avatar feature is one of the most used Facebook features today. The feature went viral just after it was released in the United States. One could literally see the avatars of several users on the platform then. The feature still exists and frankly, you can create an avatar today.

Create Your Facebook Avatar for Free

Create Your Facebook Avatar for Free

Creating your avatar on the social media (Facebook) is free. Once you have the platform’s official app installed, creating an avatar is easy. Take note, the avatar feature can only be accessed and made use of via the platform official app. It cannot be accessed via the official website

Facebook Avatar Creator

With the Facebook avatar creator, you can create your very own avatar on the social media. Note that this avatar is a cartoony image used in the representation of you throughout the social media. This cartoony image of you can also be used outside of the social media.

Facebook Avatar App Download

Below is how you can download the FB avatar app creator.

  • Get your internet-connected device and turn it on
  • Open any app store on the device and tap on the search bar
  • On the search bar of the app store, enter the search term “Facebook”
  • From the search results, tap on the “Install” or “Get” button right under or next to the app icon
  • Meet the requirements set for downloading apps on your device and the app should begin downloading.

That’s it for downloading the Facebook avatar app. Once the app has been downloaded, it will be installed automatically.

Create My Facebook Avatar

Here is how you can create your avatar on Facebook for free.

  • Connect your device to the internet
  • Open the Facebook avatar app (the one you downloaded earlier)
  • Log in to an already existing account or quickly create one
  • Tap on the hamburger menu icon and then on “Avatars”
  • Click on the “Get Started” button and begin creating your avatar
  • Once you have designed your avatar to your desired taste, simply tap on the checkmark icon and then on “Done”

That’s it. You just created your very own avatar.


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