Content Repurposing – Steps On How to Repurpose Content

Content Repurposing can also be referred to as content recycling. Based on the term suggests, it’s the practice of reusing your content or some elements of it so as to increase the reach of that content.

Content Repurposing

A bit of content is often transformed into images, infographics, videos, or just used as it is for repurposing. The major idea behind content repurposing is to drive new traffic again and again from similar old content.

You might be having a listing of blogs that went viral for a time then just got lost somewhere down the load of the new blogs that you simply kept publishing. Churning out new great content is indeed great, but your old content needs justice too.

That’s the explanation why content repurposing is such a cool idea. You’ll be able to give new life to your old posts and still build value.

Content Repurposing

Stagnating organic traffic is the very last thing you would like to examine once you inspect your website metrics. But it’s a problem that each digital marketer struggles with at some point.

Those ups and downs within the traffic can occur due to industry changes, change in interests of your audience, the amount of latest content produced by you, or the relevancy of your old content.

Sometimes, all your content needs may be a little nudge and repurposing so as to keep your audience interested. Thus, to instill your content repurposing efforts here may be a list of advantages that will assist you to make up your mind.

Keep reaching new audiences

The number one advantage of repurposing your content is that it’ll reach new audiences again and again. Once you publish content for the first time, the reach or interaction could be average. Then, over time, it picks up the pace and performs a bit better. After you repurpose it and publish it in new formats, it’ll reach audiences that otherwise might have never found it. It’ll also reach the people that newly started following your account.

Boost your organic visibility

Doesn’t matter what proportion you invest in paid ads, organic reach is what your website craves for. The repurposing of structured content in various forms will offer you a significant boost in organic exposure and traffic. And if you publish your content on various sites, you’ll even have the advantage of building backlinks for your website.

Strengthen your message

When the merits of repurposing content are listed out, experts state that repetition is vital while marketing. Consistent with Marketing’s rule of seven states, your audience must hear a specific message a minimum of seven times before making a sale decision.

Therefore, rather than once covering a subject or issue and letting it fade into history, implement a content repurposing strategy to deliver your message consistently to your audience. This works well after you start with high-value, trustworthy content. This makes it easier to spot new ways to emphasize your message.

No need to build everything from scratch

When you repurposing your content, it makes the content much easier to scale. In other words, you do not need to prepare every blog, design every infographic, or make any video right from scratch. One single blog will be utilized in multiple ways and uploaded on multiple social platforms.

You’ll use a fresh piece of content because the basis for blogs, videos, social media posts, webcasts, and more. For instance, you’ll pick up writing that you simply wrote previously, then convert it into an infographic or maybe a YouTube video.

How to Repurpose Content

If you’re still stuck on ideas, here is a list of some ways to repurpose content:

  • Use data from your blogs and switch them into case studies.
  • Convert blogs into podcasts.
  • Offer unique guest contributions on topics that you simply have already written.
  • Use statistics to post on social media.
  • Refer to blog content for online courses or certifications.
  • Use blogs and convert them into short videos.
  • Prepare an e-book if you’ve got a series of blogs on a similar topic.
  • Update old blogs by adding the newest information.
  • Post testimonials on social media accounts.
  • Prepare slide decks and upload them on Slide Share.
  • Prepare long how-to videos for YouTube.
  • Republish your existing content on different platforms.
  • Create instructographics for Pinterest.
  • Host a webinar.
  • Repost bits of content as answers on Quora.

Use a content repurposing tool

To make things easier, using content repurposing tools is a great option. There are many tools available without charge, that you can use to schedule recurring updates on your social media accounts.

RecurPost is one such social media management tool, that permits you to repurpose your content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google my business.

Its one-of-a-kind reposting feature helps you generate new traffic without having to make new content each time. It does so by repurposing your content and even helps you create variations.

As a result, it helps you stay active on social media without having to spend all of your time on it. Consequently, you’ll save hours weekly for undertaking other important activities.

Especially for Twitter, this feature is going to assist you a lot, as Twitter doesn’t allow posting similar content over once. By automatically generating variations for you, RecurPost will assist you in saving a great deal of your time. It offers a free plan which you’ll use for as long as you would like to.

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