Conference Call on iPhone8 – How to Make a Conference Call from your iPhone

Want to know more about Conference Call on iPhone8 device? One interesting feature of the ever-trending iPhones is the merging of several calls at the same. This is what is referred to as a Conference call. With the ever-increasing growth in demand for new innovations, Apple has been able to meet most of all these demands through its creation of iPhones.

Conference Call on iPhone8


zFrom the very first iPhones to the latest ones has been nothing but spectacular. I honestly cannot wait to see what the iPhone 20 would look like. Okay, enough digress and back to the matter at hand.

Conference Call on iPhone8

A conference call is the same as a meeting being held but only it is done on a call. Several people can now talk with one another at the same time regardless of their location. A conference call has gone a long way in connecting people, even across states and countries.

Are you an iPhone8 user and you do not know how to make a conference call from it. Well, you may have wondered how possible it will be to Conference Call on iPhone8, just follow me to know the ‘how’.

How to Make a Conference Call on iPhone8

Conference Call on iPhone8 is actually no different from that on all the other iPhones before it. Still, we would gladly show you the steps to take to know how to Conference Call on iPhone8 in no time.

There are also other cool things you can try out on the Conference Call on iPhone8. They are swapping calls, one-to-one private calls, and how to ending individual callers. Carefully go through the steps that I would be stating below to get started on that conference call. Let get it on!

  • Be on the home screen of your iPhone8.
  • Tap on the “phone” icon on your screen.
  • Also, tap on the keypad icon ( a 3*3 dotted grid lines).
  • Tap in the number you want to call. If the person’s number is saved to your contact, then just tap on the contact and search out the person’s number, tap on it and tap again on the phone number.
  • Then tap on the “Add Call” option on the call screen. It is the “+” icon. This will automatically put the first caller on hold.
  • Tap in the number you want to add and tap call. You could simply just tap on contacts and tap on the contact you want to add and then tap on the number.
  • Tap on “Merge Calls” to conference both calls.
  • Tap on the “End Call” icon to end the conference call when you are done.

Oh yes, it was that easy.  With this information, you can make a stress-free conference call with your friends, partners, colleagues, and family.

Let us quickly give a rundown on all the other features you can also access alongside a Conference Call on iPhone8.

How to Perform the One-to-One Private Call

This one-to-one private call is simply talking to one of the callers on the conference call, privately without the audience of the other callers. There are just a few steps to getting this done. The steps are as follows.

  • While on the conference call, tap on the info icon at the top of your in-call screen.
  • The list of all the people on the conference call would be displayed. Tap on the “Private” button next to the caller’s number you want to speak with privately.

You can now speak privately to the caller without worrying about the other callers listening to the conversation.

Swapping Calls

Just like the word, swapping calls means switching from one call to another. While on a call and another call comes in, you need not ignore or end any of both calls or even conference the calls. Follow the few steps to swap calls.

  • When the new call comes in, just tap on “Swap Calls”. This will put the current caller on hold and allow you to speak to the incoming caller.
  • You can simply tap on the “Swap” icon again to go back to the first call without ending the second call but this action places the second caller on hold.
  • To end any of the calls, switch to the call you want to end and tap on the red phone icon.

With these steps, you can successfully swap and end the call on your iPhone8.

End Individual Callers

To end individual callers on a conference call means to end one of the calls while leaving the rest callers on the conference call to continue. Here, I will tell you the steps on how to get this action done in no time.

  • While still on the conference call, tap on the info icon.
  • The list of callers would be displayed, then tap on the “End” icon under the caller to want to disconnect.

That does it! You have successfully disconnected that caller from the conference call.


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