Competitive Analysis Tools that Will Improve your Digital Marketing

Competitive Analysis Tools that Will Improve your Digital Marketing. Did you know what your competitors are doing that makes you fall behind? If not, I will show you the secret behind their success and how you can improve your digital marketing.

Competitive Analysis Tools that Will Improve your Digital Marketing

There may even be more opportunities for your business, and competitor analysis can point out for you. You should be able to know what your competitors are doing and how you can outperform them.  review of digital marketing strategy can help you to stay successful with your tactics.

Competitive Analysis Tools that Will Improve your Digital Marketing

Analyzing your competitors’ digital marketing strategy can help you optimize your campaign and your upcoming ideas to improve both your short and long-term wins.

We have made a guide ‘How to Do Online Competitor Analysis’ to help you start looking at what your competitors are doing.

The following are listed below on competitive analysis tools that will improve your digital marketing.

Marketing Grader

The marketing grader is an amazing tool to audit your competitor’s websites. In just a couple of seconds, you can enter a URL and understand how well the website is performing technically.

SEO Site Checkup

The SEO Site Checkup lets you scan your competitor’s sites and delivers a report covering six areas.  The SEO helps suggest mobile usability enhancements, necessary serve and security improvements, possible speed optimizations, semantic web, and structured data usage tips, and social media engagement issues.


The CEO gives comprehensive competitor research and analysis, this will allow you to compare important metrics to those of your competition.

With it, you’ll get a full ranking of 20 of your competitors, competitor backlink profiles, traffic rank history, competitor metric widgets, and more.

The SEMrush

This is another amazing tool that is used by a lot of digital marketers. You can perform searches to see where the competitor traffic is coming from, whether it be notable ads, organic searches, or paid searches. You can also use its backlink analysis and keyword research for a better understanding of what works for your competitors.

The Keyword Competitor

The Keyword competitor can help you to identify the long-tail keywords your competitors are not using, and capitalize on them. you can also track their organic and paid keywords, check their keyword position rank, preview their ads and landing pages, receive emails when competitors are performing better than you.

Alexa- Competitor Analysis Tools

The Alexa has a great impact on improving your marketing tools. Its competitor analysis tools allow you to standard your site’s traffic and metrics against your competitors, measure your traffic and popularity in relation to others, in addition, to identify the top sites in your industry or niche.

The Rival IQ

The Rival IQ permits you to track and analyze competition by tracking what they are doing, how consumers respond, and their most successful campaigns. You can analyze their activity across social media, the web, and SEO metrics.

Competitive Analysis Tools – iSpionage

iSpionage focuses wholly on paid advertisements. It will help you recognize top PPC competitors, their monthly budget, and AdWords strategy, as well as seven years’ worth of SEO keyword data.

iSpionage is also unique in that offers info on your competitor’s A/B testing, including a warning when they may be testing.


Searchmetrics is a suite of tools that amount everything from mobile and social performance, PPC, local and global SEO, and brings detailed info on keyword rankings and search strategy.


Buzzsumo is popular in the marketing world for its content, keyword, and social network tracking. As far as competitor analysis, it can help you find the most shared content from a competitor.

You can search by competitor or topic, and see how many shares their popular content received. Then, when preparing content of your own, you can mirror what’s been successful for your competitors.


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