Clean Master for Mac – Clean Master for Mac Alternatives

Do you know that if your Mac is overheated or too loaded, you can clear the junk files? And there’s Clean Master for Mac comes. Cleaning or clearing your Mac helps to make your faster and smoother on the device.

Having too many junk or unwanted files can be really frustrating. Let’s just say, it’s something you would not like all and there’s Clean Master is here for you. In this article, I will be discussing briefly the software that helps in clearing your Mac and also its alternatives you can use.

Clean Master for Mac

Clean Master for Mac

Clean Master for Mac is software by Cheetah Mobile and it allows users to remove junk data ad unwanted files from your system. By so doing, it frees up great disk space and also improves the system’s performance.

It is a very powerful app or software that is designed for tracking and removing junk files o your Mac. the process involves thorough scanning and cleaning to help free space for new files and apps on your Mac.

Clean Master helps to manage your device background. With the app on your Mac, there’s no need to remove files manually. It also cools down the Mac to avoid overeating. There are some really interesting features you can enjoy with the app. Let’s look at them below.

Clean Master for Mac App

The Clean Master app for Mac helps to keep your Mac intact and not overheated by removing all the unwanted and junk files. It helps to create space on the device for new files and apps. With Clean Master for Mac, you enjoy the following;

  • Smart Clean – quick scanning.
  • It removes big files that are irrelevant according to its size.
  • Clean Master removes or deletes unnecessary browser extensions.
  • It disables or enables the launch at startup for any app on your Mac.

Downloading the app on your Mac is simple and free. All you have to do is visit your Apple App Store and use the search engine to locate it.

Clean Master Features

As I said above, there are some really outstanding features attached to the app. Below are the benefits or features of using Clean master;

  • It helps to find duplicate files on your device in any folder.
  • Cleans and boost device RAM with just a click.
  • The app views files in the device trash or cycle.
  • Deletes or removes unwanted or junk files.
  • It offers free antivirus
  • Secures your Wi-Fi
  • Saves your device battery.
  • Includes an app manager.
  • App lock feature.
  • Removes app-related files.
  • It frees up your disk space.

The above are some of the features attached to the Clean Master app.

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Clean Master for Mac Alternatives

If you’re searching for some alternatives to using in-place Clean master, then you should probably read on. With the alternatives, you can also clear or remove unwanted or junk files from your Mac with ease. There are lots of alternatives to using, but I will be sharing some of the best alternatives to use.

CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMc X is one of the best clean-up tools you can make use of on your Mac. It offers users other additional features aside from its major feature, which is cleaning. It helps to eliminate malware on your Mac and boosts faster and better performance.

MacBooster 7

This app actually continues the tradition of comprehensive Mac cleaning from the others (its predecessors). It offers a large bunch of nice features which makes it one of the best alternatives to use. MacBooster 7 cleans up cache and other junk files affecting the system to make it free and fast.


This is the best for you if you’re a heavy internet user. My reason is, in addition to cleaning and freeing up space, it also removes your browser search history and cookies. By so doing, it would be hard for your Mac to be tracked.

Aside from the ones listed above, there are some others such as Smart Mac Care, App Cleaner & Uninstaller, DaisyDisk, etc.


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