Chrome Tubebuddy – What Can I Use Chrome Tubebuddy For

You may understand what Tubebuddy means, but what does chrome have to do with Tubebuddy?. Chrome in Tube buddy is an extension of google chrome that makes it work on your YouTube channel when you install it on your google chrome, which you will be able to see on the top corner of your YouTube page.

Chrome Tubebuddy

If you want to know what the chrome Tubebuddy really entails, it’s very simple. Pay rapt attention as this is the main essence of this article.

What Can I Use Chrome Tubebuddy For?

It’s one thing to know what a thing is and what it can be used for, when it comes to using chrome Tubebuddy as a tool, it isn’t an arduous task. The first thing you have to do is to install it to your chrome after downloading it from AppStore or play store, then get familiarized with the basic settings given underneath.

These are:

  1. If you have a website apart from your YouTube, Tube buddy chrome can be used to generate codes from your YouTube clips on your social media platforms.
  2. You can use it to add special touches/customization to your YouTube interface.
  3. It gives you an option of a multiple card selection, you can select one for your YouTube channel.
  4. You can use it when it comes to searching for keywords with comment filters in the section.
  5. Immediately you have a profile, it updates it for you defaultly.
  6. You can use it to reply to comments even when it comes from notifications.
  7. YouTube clips can be shared to your Facebook account when uploaded at once.
  8. You can program the time you want you to want to always publish clips/posts on your YouTube in your settings.
  9. Finally, your Tubebuddy storage allows you to create, generate and select thumbnails.

How Do I Install Tubebuddy On My Chrome?

Installing Tubebuddy on your chrome as an extension is very crucial and when it comes to this, there are important steps to take to get this done.

They are given thus:

  • The first thing for you to go to open your google chrome.
  • Proceed to tap on the “red home button” which is located at the top right corner of your page.
  • Now, open your chrome web store by tapping on “More tools”, then extension.
  • Tap on the search box in the chrome web store, you will then see Tubebuddy chrome app.
  • After that, tap on “add to chrome” and confirm the process when it pops up to your screen by clicking on *add extension*.
  • Refresh your google chrome now, it should have been installed if successfully done.
  • You should see your Tubebuddy chrome menu on your YouTube channel.

Note that the Tubebuddy price plan range from $9,$19, and $49 for its pro, plan, and legend pricing plan.

Who Should Use Tubebuddy Chrome?

To know if you should make use of this, consider it if you fall into any of these categories.

They are:

  • If you’re a YouTuber, professional video editor, and publisher.
  • If you’re a specialist in search engine optimization.
  • If you frequently make use of YouTube.


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