Check Gmail – How to Check Your Gmail Inbox |

Check Gmail – How to Check Your Gmail Inbox |
Checking your Gmail is very important to every account owner, the Gmail account requires to plays because of its content and expected items. Gmail account is a helpful tool for every email account owner providers because it performs so many activities that even some other email service provider does not perform.

Check Gmail - How to Check Your Gmail Inbox |

The Gmail program also referred to as Google mail, has been one of the most used email service provider. And this is because of the term the owners have set in the course of accessing other program created by the owners of. This has made the program more successful and famous because the maker’s applications are the most used applications in the world today. Examples of the apps created by Google are; Google play store, Google map, Google cloud, Google drive and so many more other applications.

Why Check Gmail

There are several things and reasons why you need to check Gmail account, and some of those reasons, you will not discover till you start checking your Gmail account (Check Gmail). Things like checking for received and starred messages and checking you inbox for new messages.

There are several other things you will have to do in other to use the Gmail account and enjoy it very well, and if you do not check your account you might not discover them. And one of those things to do is updating your account. The owners always add new things to their program Gmail and remove old and boring things that make accessing the program slow. In other to update your Gmail account, you need to always be checking your account for new updates.

How to Check You Gmail Inbox – Check Gmail

One of the most important things to check in your Gmail account is you Gmail inbox. Because it is in your inbox that you will find your important messages like; admission letter, employment letter and so many other important messages. Steps towards checking your Gmail inbox:

  • First you need to open the Gmail account by typing in an internet web browser and typing your username and password in the box that requires them
  • After you open the account, locate the inbox icon at the left part of the screen and then click

After click the inbox icon there you will find your messages located below the other icons on your Gmail account page. And that is how to open and check your Gmail inbox for messages.   

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