Cheapest Health Insurance In 2023

Read this article fully to get the top cheapest health insurance right now in the United States of America. Have you been looking for the most affordable health insurance in 2023? Perhaps your finances are not on the brightest side and you want something more affordable than what you have always had.

Cheapest Health Insurance in 2023

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost

On the ACA health insurance marketplace, where you can buy a health plan through, a bronze health insurance plan costs about 928 per month. The monthly average cost for a silver plan rises to $1,217 and $1,336 for a gold plan. This means that average, the plans can range from $900 to $1400.

What you pay is determined by your circumstances the cost of health insurance can vary greatly. Deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, monthly premiums, and your out-of-pocket maximums, as well as personal choices about the plan and coverage options, all affect the cost of health insurance.

What to Consider When Searching for Affordable Health Care Insurance

When choosing a health insurance plan, it’s tempting to look for the lowest monthly cost, but there are a few factors to consider.

Take a step back and evaluate your and your family’s health care as a whole to avoid future costs. Consider annual costs and premiums, mental categories, health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA) options, and out-of-pocket costs when considering ACA plans.

The Most Affordable Health Insurance companies

The list below several of the most affordable health insurance plans based on different criteria.

  • Aetna
  • Oscar
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Molina Healthcare
  • Cigna


Aetna is a health insurance company that was established in 1853. It sells insurance to individuals, families, and businesses. Aetna offers a variety of plans, ranging from basic to comprehensive coverage. It also gives its customers discounts and other perks.

Aetna is a health insurance industry leader, and its plans are known for their quality and affordability. Aetna also provides a number of value-added services, such as wellness programs, online tools, and resources to assist customers in making informed healthcare decisions.

Aetna’s Monthly insurance premium costs between $410 to $650 on average.


Oscar Health was founded in 2012 and is now the third-largest for-profit national insurer in the individual market in the United States.

Oscar Health offers health insurance coverage in three markets: individual and family, group, and Medicare Advantage.

Oscar Health claims to approach the concept of a provider network differently than other health insurers. According to the health insurer, its networks are “curated” in several cities, including New York, San Francisco, and San Antonio, and provide “a suite of care options like a broad network, while driving the cost savings, clinical integrations, and quality outcomes of a narrow network.”

Oscar’s plan ranges from $419 to $626 on average.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente, founded in 1945 in Oakland, California, serves members in the District of Columbia and eight states:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Maryland
  • Oregon
  • Virginia
  • Washington

Kaiser Permanente, also known as Kaiser Foundation Health Plan depending on location, is one of the largest not-for-profit health plans in the United States.

Kaiser Permanente provides a one-of-a-kind care model in which connected teams of experts collaborate across departments and specialties. According to the company, this promotes faster diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

The price of the monthly premium ranges from $381 to $600.

Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare, Inc. is a provider of healthcare services. It operates in two segments: Health Plans and Others. The Health Plans segment includes direct delivery business and health plans in 11 states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

The Other segment includes the MMIS and behavioral health subsidiaries’ historical results. C. David Molina founded the company in 1980, and it is headquartered in Long Beach, California.

The average premium for this insurance company has been fluctuating between $280 to $290 monthly


Cigna is one popular and affordable health insurance company. It offers a variety of plans, including HMOs, PPOs, and other health plans. Cigna plans are available in all 50 states and offer international coverage.

Cigna plans have different levels of coverage, ranging from basic to comprehensive. The company also offers discounts and special programs for individuals and families with lower incomes. Cigna plans are generally more affordable than some other health insurance companies.

Cigna’s Average monthly premium ranges from $400 to $700.

How do I Choose the Best Health Insurance Company

Keep the following in mind as you prepare to compare health insurance quotes to find the best, most affordable health insurance:

The total cost of the health plan

Examine the premium, deductible, coinsurance, copay, and maximum out-of-pocket.

The kind of plan

A health maintenance organization (HMO) or exclusive provider organization (EPO) plan may be the most cost-effective health plan benefit design.

Your anticipated healthcare requirements

If you don’t anticipate needing much health care, a high-deductible health plan may save you money. However, if you anticipate needing more care, selecting a plan with a slightly higher premium but lower deductible may save you money over the course of the year.

Your medical Care Providers

Before purchasing a health insurance plan, ensure that your providers accept it. Check with your providers to ensure they accept that specific insurance plan, rather than relying on the health insurance company’s online provider directory, which can be inaccurate or out of date.

Your health-care options

Getting added to someone else’s health insurance plan may be less expensive than purchasing your own. Examine all of your health insurance options before choosing a plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy Affordable Health Insurance Any Time?

Unless you have a qualifying life event, you can only purchase a new health insurance plan or change your coverage during the annual open enrollment period.

Should I Get a Health Insurance Broker?

If you are self-employed or do not have health insurance through your employer, a health insurance broker can help. You can consider personalized health insurance plans recommended by a broker.

Health insurance brokers are licensed by the state in which they work and are compensated through commissions from major health insurance companies, so working with one can be a wise way to find the best affordable health insurance plan.

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