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Do you want to Change Your Facebook Dating Preferences? Facebook dating preferences are the criteria that the Facebook platform uses to match you up with others. Changing the preferences is up to you. The preferences consist of the age range, gender, height range, lifestyle, beliefs, and even potential match’s distance from you. To give Facebook the idea of the potential match you want.

Change Your Facebook Dating Preferences

Change Your Facebook Dating Preferences

Changing your preferences involves the following steps;

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to your dating profile from your home screen page.
  • Tap on the menu icon on the top right of the dating profile.
  • Scroll to locate “Preferences” and then tap on it. Different sections would be displayed to you.
  • Tap the section you want to edit and then make your preferred changes.
  • Tap on “Done” when you are okay with the changes you have made.
  • You have made the changes for the preferred matches you expect from Facebook. Relax and start getting matched right away.

You might also be wondering the reason for this app; well, the Facebook dating website was created solely for the purpose of singles wanting to mingle. The app aims to create a dating profile and provides a more authentic look to be able to detect who is who. So, starting today you have the chance to make a choice to try Facebook dating out.

Facebook Dating Information

If you are 18 years and above and you have already downloaded the Facebook recent version, you will be suggested to people who have done the same. The Facebook dating app does not require you to wait for someone to like you and look for ways to first reach out to you.

All you need to do if you like someone is to directly comment on their profile, better still you can just tap on the like button to notify them, but if you seem not to be interested, you can simply ignore it.

If you are already a Facebook user and you can’t find the app, all you need do is to update your Facebook account to the recent version. You need to note that the Facebook dating app is not available in every country as it is only accessible in some countries. In case you wish to know if the app is available or accessible in your country, you can simply visit the link below;

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