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Not all store that changes tires do them properly but right at Costco tire center, your tires are changed based on strict guidelines and policies which are well adhered so as to improve your handling as well as your safety.

Change Tires Costco

Just as Costco changes tires, they also sell tires not just tires but tires of high quality which meet the requirements of the model of your car.

Change Tires Costco

Costco has been in the business for years and as such packed with lots of professional mechanics who have tons of experience in their years of service. So, they are no newbie in the business. You can count on them on getting the work done right with sure assurance. Moreover, Costco change tires at a low cost which is about $18.99.

Costco Change Tires Appointment

Do you know that you could plan an appointment just to change your tires? If you don’t, know that Costco tire center offers such an exclusive service. Every component of your vehicle matters but the tires is considered so important that’s why the Costco tire center has taken it as their best concern in getting the job done. So, here are the steps to plan an appointment with Costco to change tires:

  • Log in to using your email address and password
  • Search for a location for the appointment that suits you
  • Click on ‘select site’ to pick your location
  • Select the needed service and your vehicle type
  • Choose your preferred appointment time
  • Fill in your contact details
  • Select your phone carrier
  • Then, tap ‘finalize appointment’

Once you have finalized your appointment, you will get a confirmation email instantly. Moreover, Costco will also send you a reminder email which is a day before your appointment is reached. Costco change wheels too; as they take away the old wheels, new tires are being installed on the new wheels as well which serves you an overall safety.

About Costco Tire Centre

Of course, Costco change tires, but that just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more than meets the eye. Costco tire center offers exceptional services such as nitrogen inflation, tire flat repairs, nitrogen conversion, airchecks, tire rotation, and lots more. These are really exclusive services. This can all be done by making appointments with them.

The Costco tire center offers a lot of services but is guided by policies due to safety reasons. Based on safety measures, the Costco tire center replaces tires following a guideline in the sense that If you are to replace one tire, it will be installed at the back of the vehicle. If it is two tires you want to change, the same principle is also used.

Now, this question will pop up in your head which is ‘Why?’. Well, that’s the same question I ask myself. The fact is that this principle is based on the fitment guidelines of most tire manufacturers. It is taken into high consideration following that rules which is due to safety reasons and of such it’s strictly adhered to.


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