How to Make CareCredit Credit Card Payment

The CareCredit Credit Card Payment can be accessed in different methods.  However, payment of medical bills at times may be a financial burden to certain individuals. Due to this, some healthcare companies have come together and have created credit cards to help people pay for their healthcare. One of these cards is the CareCredit credit card that is issued by Synchrony.

CareCredit Credit Card Payment
CareCredit Credit Card Payment

This card is designed to provide financing for its card users who are faced with medical expenses that are not covered by insurance. The medical services may include emergency care, surgery, pharmacy costs, primary care, labs, pet care, etc. This card can be used by health care and wellness providers that have registered in care credit. However, if you fail to pay your balance on time, it will cost you more by the end of your initial promotional period.

About CareCredit Credit Card Payment

CareCredit card functions just like a regular credit card. The only change is that you can only use it to cover traditional medical insurance copayments​ on services that it covers. CareCredit cards can also be used for medical procedures that are not covered by traditional insurance plans. Some of these medical procedures that the card can be used for include vision care, cosmetic surgery, dermatology services, dental services, and hearing care.

CareCredit card users are qualified to participate in short-term financing offers that help them make payments over six, twelve, eighteen, or twenty-four months. It does not have any additional interest charges as long as they spend at least $200 and pay the full bill within the designated period.

How to Make CareCredit Credit Card Payment

One of the easiest ways to pay for CareCredit is through your online account or the CareCredit mobile app. Also, there are other alternatives to making payments with this card.

How To Make CareCredit Online Payment

To make a payment online, log in to your account, then click ‘pay my health care bill’. You can find it under the payment section.

How To Make CareCredit Payments Through Its Mobile App

If you decide to make a payment through the CareCredit mobile app, follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your CareCredit account.
  • Choose the CareCredit account you want to pay.
  • Then choose to make a payment and enter the amount you want to pay.
  • Next, you select the account you want to make the payment from.
  • Then you click on pay.

CareCredit mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices and it works just like online payment.

How To Make CareCredit Payments Through the Phone

To make a CareCredit card payment through your phone, you will need to call customer service and follow the guidelines you will be given.

How To Make CareCredit Payments Through Mail

If you want to make a CareCredit credit card payment via mail, you will need to send a check or money order to their mail address. You need to know that payments through mail take a long time to reflect. Therefore, to avoid late payment, you will need to make payments maybe 5-7 days before your due date.

How To Make CareCredit Payment Through Western Union

However, it is possible to make payment through Western Union (code: LOW, state: OHIO).

How Much Is CareCredit Minimum Payment

CareCredit minimum payment is the smallest amount you need to pay by the due date for your account to be in good standing. Not making payment on the due date, will result in a late fee and your credit score will take a hit if you miss payment multiple times. So, the CareCredit minimum payment is $29 0r 3.25% of the new balance. To be more specific, its minimum payment is the greater of:

  • $29
  • 25% of the recent balance displayed on your billing statement
  • Your statement balance, if it is less than $29
  • 1% of your statement balance, plus your fees, interest and past-due amounts.

Commonly Asked Questions About CareCredit Card Payment

Is a CareCredit Card a Visa or Mastercard?

This credit card is not a Visa card, neither is it a MasterCard. Although it has a MasterCard version, it is only available through an upgrade.

Can I Use My CareCredit Card Anywhere or Just for Health Medical Transactions?

If you have upgraded your CareCredit credit card to a master card already, you can use it anywhere, but you will be restricted if what you have is the regular card. The regular card is for medical stuff, while the MasterCard can be used for any other purpose. But you will get better rewards when you use it for healthcare.

Where Can I Use My CareCredit Credit Card?

You can use your CareCredit in over 250,000 healthcare providers in the U.S. This card can also be used to get pharmaceutical and health-related items at thousands of retails and drugstores.



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