Capfront Reviews – How does CapFront work

Capfront is an emerging player in the real estate lending space that offers a variety of residential and commercial financing options.

Capfront Reviews

With their unique approach and focus on specialized lending programs, Capfront aims to fill gaps left by traditional banks and lenders. However, customer feedback on the experience working with Capfront is mixed.

This post will cover Capfront reviews to help you understand the pros, cons, and what to expect when considering this lender.

Overview of Capfront as a Company

Capfront was founded in 2021 by finance industry veterans based in Miami, Florida. They focus primarily on non-conforming real estate loans including:

  • Residential Home Loans – Jumbo mortgages, non-QM, foreign national
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans – Bridge loans, construction loans, blanket mortgages
  • Fix and Flip Loans – Rehab loans, DSCR investment
  • Specialty Home Loans – Manufactured homes, investment properties

Loan amounts range from $75k on the low end to over $10 million for large commercial projects. Terms are offered from 12 months up to 30 years.

While minimum requirements vary by program, you generally need a 680 FICO score, 50% equity, and sufficient assets and cash flow to qualify. The application process is done through their website or loan officers. Underwriting involves submitting typical income and financial documents. If approved, they advertise funding in as fast as 7 days.

Pros of Using Capfront According to Reviews

Here are some of the most commonly cited advantages of using Capfront based on customer reviews:

  • Competitive interest rates – Their rates can be lower than bigger banks for specialized loans.
  • Fast approvals and funding – Many cite quick turnarounds from application to funding.
  • Strong customer service – Loan officers are responsive and attentive.
  • Flexible qualifying – Alternative documentation options help those who may not qualify elsewhere.
  • Variety of niche programs – From jumbo mortgages to construction loans, they fill unique needs.

These pros make Capfront worth consideration for certain borrowers who need specialized lending solutions and fast funding. Their loan officers earn high marks for market expertise and customer care when deals go smoothly.

Cons and Negative Reviews for Capfront

However, Capfront still has some areas for improvement according to customer critiques:

  • High origination fees – Closing costs and lender fees can be above market averages.
  • Difficulty reaching support – Once approved, follow-up questions often go unanswered.
  • Inconsistent communication – Mixed messages on approval status and terms.
  • Strict underwriting – Approval is not guaranteed even with signed terms.
  • Delays in funding – Final funding arrival may be later than initially quoted.

These complaints indicate Capfront has some work to do on managing expectations, improving support, and adding transparency to the lending process. Approvals can be erratic and they seem best suited for experienced borrowers.

On Trustpilot, Capfront currently has a 3.5 out of 5 star rating based on limited reviews. Negative feedback centers around a lack of responsiveness from loan officers and sudden denials after initial approvals.

When Capfront Works Best

Given the pros and cons, Capfront appears best suited for:

  • Borrowers with great credit-seeking specialty loan programs
  • Complex real estate deals requiring deep financing experience
  • Those who need funds quickly and can close fast if approved

First-time homebuyers may want to opt for a lender that offers more guidance. Those with credit or income challenges also may not have positive experiences compared to subprime lenders.

Be sure to shop rates and compare lenders like Capfront to smaller banks, credit unions, and non-bank specialty lenders.

How does CapFront work?

Capfront functions as a direct private lender, meaning they provide financing directly rather than brokering loans. Their loan officers originate the deals while Capfront itself provides the capital behind the loans.

Once you apply and get pre-approved, they fully underwrite and process your loan internally. If approved, they will fund your loan from their own funds rather than selling it to banks or investors like some other non-bank lenders.

What are the qualifications for CapFront?

Capfront has flexible qualification guidelines but you generally need:

  • Mid-level credit scores starting at 620
  • 1+ years in business for commercial/investment loans
  • 50% equity minimum
  • Debt-to-income within their guidelines
  • Sufficient assets and cash flow

Requirements vary by loan type. Investors and commercial borrowers need strong business financials and operating history. Homebuyers need stable income and employment.

Higher credit scores, lower LTVs, and high cash reserves will improve your changes and rates.

How Do I Apply to CapFront?

You can apply directly on Capfront’s website by submitting initial details on yourself, the property, and the requested loan amount. This generates a pre-approval decision.

Or you can contact their loan officers directly to take you through the process from application to closing. Having a loan officer represent you from start to finish can streamline the process.

Documents needed include financial statements, tax returns, pay stubs, property details, and a borrower resume outlining your real estate experience.

Tips for Getting a Capfront Loan

If you move forward with Capfront, keep these tips in mind to streamline the process:

  • Come fully prepared with all required financial documents ready
  • Try to lock your interest rate as early in the process as possible
  • Read every detail of the terms and commitments carefully before signing
  • Follow-up regularly for updates during underwriting
  • Be ready to move quickly on approvals as timelines can be tight

Having experienced representation from a broker or attorney is also wise with a lender like Capfront to ensure your interests are protected. Don’t hesitate to ask clarifying questions throughout the application and approval process.

Is CapFront legit?

Capfront is a legitimate lender registered legally to operate and lend in multiple states. Key legitimacy facts:

  • They are a registered business entity under Capfront Financial, LLC.
  • They hold multiple state lending licenses.
  • Their website has proper security, terms of use, and disclosures.
  • Their executives have verifiable backgrounds in finance.
  • Major review sites have confirmed basic company details.


Capfront brings specialized lending experience unique to those with real estate financing needs. The firm can deliver great interest rates and quick funding. But the process also holds the potential for mismanaged expectations, confusing timelines, and sudden denials.

Going in eyes wide open by learning from other’s experiences is key to determining if Capfront is the right fit or if exploring other lender options is the wiser choice.

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