BURN Secures $12 Million For Clean Cooking Solutions Across Africa

BURN secures $12 million for clean cooking solutions across Africa. Kenyan clean cookstove maker, BURN Manufacturing has just recently secured more than $12 million to help spread its clean cooking solutions all across Africa.

BURN Secures $12 Million

BURN Secures $12 Million

According to reports from Techpoint, Kenya’s BURN Manufacturing, known for making clean cookstoves, recently got more than $12 million to spread its cooking solutions across Africa.

The money, led by Key Carbon Ltd. and supported by Cartesian, will help BURN provide electric cookstoves in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. They’ll also offer biomass stoves in Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Tanzania, and Mozambique in the next few years.

Why This Development Is Very Important

Why is this important? In many parts of Africa, people still use traditional cooking fuels like firewood or charcoal. This causes health problems, harms the environment, and creates economic and gender issues for about 950 million people. BURN’s electric and biomass stoves aim to fix these problems.

BURN’s Appliances Reaching an Extra 1.5 Million People

Peter Scott, BURN’s Founder and CEO, is thrilled about reaching an extra 1.5 million people with their life-changing appliances.

According to the company, their electric and biomass stoves have already made a difference in the lives of over 24 million people since 2014. With this new investment, they hope to help another 1.5 million people and prevent more than 12 million tonnes of carbon emissions over the next seven years.

BURN Plans To Make Their Cookstoves More Affordable

BURN plans to use carbon financing to make their cookstoves more affordable for households with lower incomes.



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