Boston Architecture College – About Boston Architecture College

The Boston Architectural College is the largest and also an independent college of spatial design in New England. Architecture and design are all they do and they are really good at what they do, so as expected the people who come there for studying, teach, and even work at the college are all crazy about design.

Boston Architecture College

Architecture is an exciting and challenging career, right at the intersection of art and science. As an architect, you need to learn a broad set of skills, covering the whole range from engineering and technology to esthetics, municipal rules, and politics.

Because the design of buildings requires such broad knowledge and directly affects the safety and welfare of the general public, there are a number of steps involved to practice the profession.

Boston Architecture College

Boston has always been known to have great architecture schools, and even so has the advantage of being in the midst of a rich tapestry of architecture, which ranges from historic to the super-contemporary. Their most known majors include; Architecture; Environmental Design/Architecture; Interior Architecture; and Landscape Architecture.

Boston Architectural College has a total undergraduate enrollment of about 359; with a gender percentage distribution of about 46% male students and their female students is about 54%

Boston Architectural College offers a number of student services, including nonremedial tutoring, health insurance.

So what about the Boston Architecture College Campus? Boston Architectural College also offers campus safety and security services like 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols, late night transport/escort service, 24-hour emergency telephones, lighted pathways/sidewalks, controlled dormitory access (key, security card, etc.).

One good thing about the campus is that alcohol is not permitted for students even of legal age at Boston Architectural College.

About Boston Architecture College

Boston Architectural College (BAC) began as a Club in the year 1889 by a group of young and established local architects, who had designed hospitals, churches, libraries, schools, and many notable houses of those times.

The college was founded on the lines of expanding the architectural community for not just architects but also for sculptors, painters, decorative artists, and patrons of art. Boston Architecture College offers world class programs in interior architecture, landscape architecture, and design studies.

It has been a great learning place for students who are naturally creative and constructive for over 130 years now and still counting. The faculties are crème de la crème of the architectural world along with the exposure that is worth a lifetime.

Is Boston Architecture College a Good School?

According to College Factual’s analysis in 2021, Boston Architectural College is ranked as number 1,183 out of 1,715 schools in the nation that were analyzed for overall quality. Presently out of the 68 colleges in Massachusetts, Boston Architectural College is ranked number 57.

Does Boston College Have an Architecture Program?

Boston University has 5 full-time and 2 part-time architectural studies faculty that is larger than most other architectural studies programs in liberal-arts colleges.

What Is the Acceptance Rate for Boston Architecture College?

The acceptance rate of Boston Architectural College is 100%.

Is Boston Architecture College Hard To Get Into

As I earlier mentioned above Boston Architectural College has an acceptance rate of 100%. The application deadline is now rolling and the application fee at Boston Architectural College is not less than $50. You can get more details about the Boston Architecture College by simply clicking here.


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