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Bored Panda is a place where you would like to be when you are bored, to discover interesting and visually appealing content. It is a blog that produces regular updates on the coolest finds in photography, travel, animals, illustration, Design, technology, DIY, and all sort of other great categories. You can also create an account to vote posts up or down. Bored Panda is one of the most famous Lithuanian origins of design, art, and amazing magazines on the internet, publishes creative and humorous posts, photos, and articles in Spanish and English. It will be nice for you to access this site.

Bored Panda - - Bored Panda Login

Bored Panda

The contents of the website are created by registered visitors because the site platform enables developers and artists to broadcast their work. Bored Panda starter was created in 2009 by Tom Banisauskas, a business management student at Vilnius University. The Company is headquartered in the Vilnius Technology Park. This is a wonderful platform that allows you to show others your creativity and it will be appreciated.

Bored Panda Review

This platform has a lot of photographs, amazing pictures for you, but is it all about pictures? No it is not. The platform also gives breaking news or latest news, have videos, social reports from the economic times, also updates about the Covid-19. Apart from this, there are also other contents on bored panda. I will be telling you more about it, just keep on reading.

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Bored Panda Site Contents

The site is directly linked to social networks. The web site publishes interactive links, which allows you to access website profiles. This improves the possibilities for interactivity. The site creates collective intelligence.  This is done through the site’s format.

Its content is created by registered visitors who can rate uploaded news. This determines the location of the news on the site. The comments section allows you to communicate not only with the website visitors but also have the ability to communicate with the author of the news.

Bored Panda Features

The bored panda platform is made up of features that make the platform all together interesting. below are some of the features of the bored panda platform.

Bored Panda Art

on the main site ( A lot of features that make up the website and varieties of discussion have been displayed under them. When you click on Arts on the main page, it brings out featured, trending and latest artwork of different people…you can vote for any of these and can also decide to comment on them, this makes the authors of each artwork know what you think about their job.


The photography section of Bored Panda contains photos of great photographers and professionals. The pictures describe nature, environment, histories, ancient and modern, etc. Most of the pictures also serve as covers for trending stories and histories.


When you click on the animal section, you find pictures and stories of animals, you can vote for the pictures, share and also comment.


When you click on more you will find some hiding sections like Funny, Travel, Illustration, Parent, DIY, Good News, Advertising, Product Design, Architecture, Digital Art, Style, Challenge, Body Art, Ask Pandas, Social Issues, Other, Food Art, Nature, Weird, Entertainment, History.

Bored Panda Search

The search bar is provided for you to search for stories and pictures of your choice. Beside the search bar, you will find your notification button in the form of a bell icon.

How to Add Posts on Bored Panda

When you click on add post on the main page, it takes you to another page which tells you to drag and drop images. Click on browse files or videos you like. So after selecting any picture of your choice, you wait for it to load. And then you will need to input your post title, you will also need to say what your story is all about, your image title. You can also decide to choose a category, add post tags, add a link and then you click on Publish. But know that before you can add a post on this site you need to have an account with the platform.

How to Sign up for Bored panda

Creating your profile on bored panda is very simple. One of the main things you need is an email account. But if you have a Facebook account or Google account you can still sign up to the platform.

  • Click on login | register on the main page.
  • On the pop-up page click on sign up below.
  • Now enter your full name and email.
  • Also, enter your password and click sign up, to get your account created.

follow the steps above to successfully sign up for a bored panda account.

How to Login Bored Panda | Bored Panda Login

below are steps for you to follow to log in to your bored panda account;

  • Visit the web page
  • Click on login/register on the main page.
  • Select any of the social media you used when creating your profile.
  • Or you input your email address and password.
  • Click on login.

Enjoy every single service offers by Bored Panda.

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